Looks great as is and would be fantastic with red or white bottoms also. Vix's comment is very thought provoking, but I do think that white hair is more of a color than a neutral !

Vix - very interesting, I need to ponder about it. In winter I usually conform to this guideline unknowingly, but summer is whole different story. Will print with more than 2 colors be a no-no?
Angie - great advice about red bottoms. I remember you are also looking for one - any luck?

Hi Anchie --

I'm not sure how flexible the advice is, but with prints I found that I was often unknowingly adhering to the spirit of the "law" vs the letter -- you might be doing the same.

I think you know I wear both smaller- and larger-scale prints (print lovers unite!) so here's what I mean by that.

I always do what I call "the 10-foot test" to see if a print or pattern is wearing me instead of vice versa in terms of scale and type of design.

When I ran into the advice, I took a look at my fav prints to wear.

  • Some followed the "neutral(s) + 1-2 color-color" rule exactly. [Variations on a color don't count as extra.]
  • Some had many more shades close-up! But when I stood back, usually 1 or 2 color-colors dominated.

So that might be an interesting exercise for you. See how close you toe that line haha!

Vix - really interesting, I appreciate this. I must say I am not into patterns much and rarely find one that speaks to me. My usual formula is a dark neutral+light neutral + color repeated 1-3 times, all in solids or sometimes tweed or plaid instead of dark neutral. But my favorite patterned blouse has (too) many colors

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Ha! I love your outfit Anchie, it is great. Vix I am sure I must break those rules all the time!

Anchie --

Well you know what they say: rules are made to be broken!

You are wearing what I call the holy trinity of color: black, white, and red. Love it, especially the jacket, which I would wear in a heartbeat and which would be fab in my closet too. Hurray for classics that go the mile!