Hubs and I have not changed our self-quarantining ways one little bit despite things in our state starting to reopen. So yesterday I did my once every 10-14 day grocery shopping trip. It was 90 degrees but of course the grocery store is always much cooler, so there’s always a balance of dressing in a way that isn’t too bare for the store but not too hot once I get back outside.

Technical fabrics have made a huge difference in my comfort level with summer dressing especially, but I do wear them year round. I can do household chores, putter in the garden a bit, play with the dogs, work at my computer, go for a walk...all without worrying about messing up my clothes (snags, dog hair, stains, visible sweat soaking through...). Yet still look presentable if I need to run out.

Yes, the fabrics may have been created for function, not fashion, but I would argue that so many styles are being made now with those fabrics that I can’t hold onto any old beliefs about the fabric being less fashionable than other choices. Athleta, Title Nine, Lululemon, and others are making great-looking daily wear pieces from these fabrics. Even the Ripskirts (which I have been wearing non-stop!) are a technical fabric, and I think those look plenty fab enough to wear out for a not-super-dressy dinner or party. Besides, how many occasions are that dressy these days anymore anyway? I would even wear one for a crab feast, and that’s saying something (my rule always used to be, wear something I can trash to eat steamed crabs, it’s so messy!).

So anyway, my grocery outfit yesterday was just an exercise in laziness. I had been wearing this windowpane Cloth & Stone shirt for a couple hours the night before, so I just pulled it out again. Added the Athleta Brooklyn pants and my metallic Ancient Greek Sandals simply because I have missed wearing them. I need just a tiny crossbody for shopping so I added this little metallic one that I think I got in New Orleans maybe 6 years ago.

Easy peasy. I doubt this would turn heads, but it also feels better than running out in my cutoffs and a tee.

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