I have been lurking here but there’s not been much time for posting. I have been tending to and thinking about my wardrobe for Fall, even so.

I have to focus on shoes, for reasons I’ve beaten to death in other posts (short version is that back problems have changed my shoe needs). I’m also trying to add things strategically to fit current trends AND my mood. The former are easy to discern. The latter—not so much.

I think I know I want to cycle our grey as a neutral and keep adding olive. I’m also on a search for more midi length dresses and skirts. Otherwise, I think I want to continue moving in a more sophisticated direction, with boho lite touches. (I also like harder edged pieces in winter.) I’m eclectic, though, so it’s hard to narrow down what this all means for me in practical terms.

Another practical issues - in warmer fall days, when I wear lighter tops, I end up freezing at work because my mid weight toppers aren’t working. I end up throwing an old grey shawl or my work logo fleece over everything, thus ruining any attempt to curate my ensemble. I’m not ready to throw a heavy, long cardi on every day, though.

Anyway, on to the outfits. (Sans shawl or fleece.)

1- I don’t often get to wear this tee, because I always have to cover the arm detail at work. It was on my Wear My Orphans project. I’m keeping it and trying to think about wearing it even with the sleeves covered.

2. The dress here is sleeveless but I like the colors for Fall.

3. My attempt at a black and white outfit, on one of the warmer days. The gingham top is an orphan but because it has tassels I have coming out of the shoulders. They are fussy and always get untied. I will probably cut them off.

4. Kind of a monochrome outfit under that jacket, which is unusual for me. Brought out my bootcuts.

5. This is today’s outfit. New olive pants and clogs, with and older tops and topper. This feels like the first real fall outfit

6-7 - What do we think of these pants? I kept and cropped them further after advice here last year, but I just don’t feel fab in them. I like wide crops, so it’s not that. Is it this color, or maybe the fabrication (not flowy)? I don’t know. Grey feels less fab to me nowadays, though it used to be a go-to neutral for me. Anyway I may pass these pants on, as I have enough items that I love and can dress more easily. (Styling something difficult would be easier for an item I love.) I will probably not be buying much grey in the future and letting it cycle out. I’ve noticed already that I passed on all my grey cardis, which used to be a go-to item for me. I may make an exception for a grey patterned tweed jacket though.

8 - Boden blouse and jeans. A FFBO combo for me.

ETA - 9 and 10 are better pics of today’s outfit. My boss thought I looked like I’m going out tonight. This plus 3-4 at emu faves of this bunch.

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