One of my all time Helena faves! The dressy loafers amp up the look

FWIW, I like that the outfit is NOT that simple, actually:

  • layered necklaces
  • high contrast guitar strap
  • bling on the loafers
  • belt
  • dark nail polish

.......are the more complex details that add polish and interest!

Angie I think you're right ... I remember Sarah commenting on this once too. Simple is not quite the word I want to aim for ... it might be something more like "moderate" or "balanced" ... nothing too out there or heavily statement, but not too stark or plain either.

How about "finished off"?

Perfect - thx Angie!

Love! You look like a Ralph Lauren print ad! The proportions are perfectly balanced.

Lovely look, especially the bag - I like how the contrasting strap functions like 'jewellery' but also the practicality of the bag (bags with a doubly secure opening (both zips & a flap top closure) are hard to find!)

Great one, You had me with a monochrome outfit-and I also love a vertical striped guitar strap-unfortunatelly I lost one of these once while shopping (cross body included:-(().