Hi everyone! I had a few days away in Hershey PA, where I had fun though I didn’t ride many rides at Hershey Park due to my back issues. There were some other activities in the area that I could partake in, fortunately. I didn’t have a chance to record my outfits, but I mostly wore black linen shorts and a top.

I’ve been very busy otherwise with work—to the point where my bosses have told me I can take Friday off (as a free day, not from my time off pool) in appreciation for a lot of hard work lately. (Yeah, I’m killing it.) Helping raise money to save the planet is hard work!

1. New Boden dress. I’d desperately wanted another solid colored dress, which I usually fail at buying. I also have the Angie lemming sandals.
Should I chop this dress a couple of inches? I had the feeling I should once I had it on. (NB: I did purge a couple more not quite right dresses when I got this. No more rayon for me. One that doesn’t seem to work on me anymore is cotton, though.)

ETA - This cerulean color reminds of a wrap dress I had when I was 22. It elicited the best catcall I ever got: “Blue is my favorite color!” Actually, since I hate catcalls, that was probably the only one I ever enjoyed recieivng.

2. One of my other solid colored dresses (I swear I don’t have that many, as I just put two in the purge pile). As you can see, I have a dress FFBO for work that includes a denim jacket.

3-4 casual outfits for errands. Number 3 features my fanny pack, which I got for Hershey Park but find useful,for errands in my neighborhood. The shorts are Boden, too.

5. 4th of July - I was wearing my favorite Boden dress ever. I do love a retro motif. I got this a few years ago.

6-8 - more casual looks, including one of the only maxi dresses to survive my dress purge. The fanny pack also strikes again!

9- Work look with linen joggers and a lace top. Both items are from past seasons.

10 - one more work look, which was my attempt at a top with some volume over wide crops. As you can see, this purple top has become a workhorse, and is one of the pieces included in my work and casual capsules.

I probably still have too many summer clothes, but now that I’ve divided my work and non-work capsules, I feel better about the state of things. The non-work capsule needs to remain strategic and limited. Crossover items like the purple top are great, but I’ve done a good job not adding to the casual except for very needed replacement pieces. My work wardrobe is much more distinguished from the casual wardrobe than it was last summer, and I prefer it that way.

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