I wear loungewear twice a day, and have a large assortment that spans the seasons.

I get into my loungewear first thing in the morning and after my shower at night.

I have lately tried to distinguish my loungewear from pajamas. It's all I wear in the house aside from pajamas, though - I hate having anything constructing on when I'm home. It's important to sleep in something else, though, due to cat dander, which I'm trying to keep out of my bed as much as possible.

I have the additional challenge that my home is too hot in the winter, as it's an old building with forced heat. I have no temperature control, especially in the bedroom (wrong type of radiator, so I can't even turn it off). I end up wearing tee shirts and tank tops from my summer wardrobe, as a result. I do have some warmer layers, but honestly I should purge a few since they're hardly needed unless I go outside.