Wow yes K squared!

Agree...your outfit of the year! Wow!

Very nice—love the way the scarf, bag, and strap play together and boot cuts are great on you. But I do have to laugh at wintertime outfit descriptions—so many pieces!

The colours & textures together are brilliant - YLF! Hope the mammogram results come back ok

PS - I've been seeing Peruvian Connection pop up a lot lately, especially for more deeper browns & autumnally coloured items. Is it a good brand - durable, worth the price etc? Am very tempted, but my wallet may need further persuading lol!

I love the PC pieces I have Zaeobi! They seem to keep at least some of the same shapes of dresses and rerelease them in different prints- so that's helpful. They have great prints for DAs, much nicer than prints I've seen anywhere else.

The bigger sizes sell out quicker, so once things go on sale there's often just XS left (like Athleta unfortunately). So those of us who aren't XS need to snap up things we really like.

Not everything I tried worked for my shape, but the returns were easy enough.

Zaeobi, I have three pieces from PC -- a midi skirt, moto jeans, and a leather coat -- and the quality of all three is excellent. I expect they will all achieve a very low CPW (even though I don't track these things). Not all of their stuff is my style, but when I find a winner there, it tends to be really good.

Hats off-you really are mastering this look-think is Janet style, indeed! Love those boots!!! Woww!!

Perfection in each piece and a stunning look! That coat, those jeans and the contrast with the cream sweater... You put elegant into casual here and it is winning.

I love this outfit. I wear a version of this, too, but yours is perfect. The booties are gorgeous.

Dang, I like those PC pieces, especially the skirt. Browsed their site recently and was dismayed at how many items were monochrome.

Oh, boy! This is just perfection!

Dang. Just plain cute! Killer fab indeed