Wow, you look fab in Sporty Luxe Denise!

Wow I really love number 1. Goes to prove you don't need catchy splashy prints or color to look well put together and fab. That shirt is really great. Love how you wore it w open ankles and the slip on shoes. So pretty and chic.

Sorry about the trees

Oh my, you look glorious with and without the trees and, always, with your furry ones. If this is Sporty Luxe, then I want to play, too. The white shirt is gorgeous on you and I really like the colored necklace you chose. Heads were turning, I'm sure, at the hospital and I hope your mother is mending well.

I think Vince clothing was made for you. Tucked or untucked, this material works.

This is incredible. I have been looking for a perfect white shirt to do just this type of look. I am inspired to keep looking!

Wow, big difference in landscape. You look great in sporty luxe I have hearted all your Finds

Denise, could I beg pretty please for an outfit description? I'm newly and surprisingly enamoured of sporty luxe trends myself and am always keen to hear how other people are interpreting this look, which I find oddly fascinating and flexible in my own life.