Tanya (good to "see" you!) - thanks for therapy on the "bumping". We cannot help feeling how clumsy we are compared to other people who have been dancing there for years...but everybody is very nice and helpful so it is all part of the fun (as Angie said).
Inge, I have tried the "black orchid" already and really liked it on me. I have asked for it as a Christmas gift

So, so, so, so, so pretty! I bet people in the room couldn't keep their eyes off you. You look absolutely stunning.

You looked so elegant and divine! Loved the full outfit with the fur shrug. Beautiful lip color too, a perfect red for you!

Sveta, you mentioned that it was very satisfying being able to dance around the room without bumping into anyone. From one dancer to another, I know exactly what you mean! I have been to some crowded ballrooms where there is as much body contact / body checking as you see in an ice hockey match LOL

Your outfit looks cute. I see that the outfit is loose and flexible enough to allow you to execute dance moves without restriction. Did you go with suede sole shoes for gliding on the dance floor?

What a beautiful look! I love a red lip.

Lovely outfit for dancing!