Sharan, thanks! Your formula sounds lovely. I don't always love how cardigans look on me but they are very useful.
RobinF, oh, that is very kind of you! Thanks!
Lesley, thanks! I love my pearls but sometime feel they look too classic. I like to dress them down and wear them with jeans or tshirt, and inside of a sweater.
Star, thank you!

Yes, inside the sweater gives me a whole new way to think about them! I never wear my pearls because I feel like instant First Lady, but I have long admired how Angie wears her pearls, and I've been in love with how all some punk teenage boys in my neighborhood now wear strings of pearls!

Those are some bloody cool sweaters, nothing like the shape I seem to get stuck in. I’m a bit jealous; my son and I stopped at COS today and I tried on three different cashmere sweaters. I know I don’t have a lot with which to fill one out, but my word, these made me look aggressively flat.

You make everything look both chic and sophisticated and easy…FAB

Late to this but wanted to say these are great looks! I really dig the way you have tucked your pearls *inside* the neckline of your sweater. That’s a cool look! I’m not sure I could replicate it because I don’t wear close fitting crewnecks but I’m going to play around and see if I can achieve a similar look somehow.

I like your style and the outfits you share would give a minimalist ‘grammer a fun for her money! I especially like the last outfit with the oatmeal/cream colour combination.

Stag F, sorry to hear, forget COS, there are many choices of knitwear. To me, small busted women look elegant!
kkards, thanks!
SarahD8, thanks!
RunCarla, thank you!

I'm loving your outfits hun and the sweaters are very chic,XXX

I love your style, so chic and modern. You look fantastic!

Beautiful looks! I know what you mean about feeling like you're in a rut, especially as the winter months drag on, but these are gorgeous outfits. Your proportions are always so chic. The last outfit, with the lovely taupe wool pants (at least they look taupe on my monitor really jumps out--I love the textures and those light neutrals look so luxe.

I have been leaning more towards jackets lately (e.g., wool shirt-jackets, blazers), so I am not defaulting to sweaters as much as I did over the last few years. But nothing beats a snuggly cashmere sweater in the winter!