Today I'm mostly wearing an outfit I've worn many times before. Slight remix in that I decided to go for chunky sandals today instead of strappy. Nothing new but I always feel fab and comfortable in this outfit, so it's really been a workhorse this summer.

Top - Kiyonna

Bottoms (I'm never quite sure if these are clams or tapered burmudas) These are a Jr brand from ross that I got for $8 and have held up surprisingly well this summer despite being laundered to death.

Sandals - Dansko

I have to tell you that I am so excited about tomorrow I can barely contain myself. I have taken a half day off work. At about 11am I will leave to go to the mall and I plan to stay there ALLLLLL afternoon by myself.

My daughter will be two in Nov. About half way through my pregnancy I literally just made a big order from Motherhood maternity and pretty much bought my entire maternity wardrobe. Since she has been here, Ive done some shopping, but I've always had her with me. She is impatient about shopping (as she should be) so I always just have time to quickly grab what catches my eye and on a good day I might get to try something on. Sometimes my husband has taken her to another store for a few minutes while I look in a store but under those conditions, I'm also hurried. I would say 90% of my shopping has been buying online and trying things on at home. I generally don't mind, but now I'm just craving the experience of doing some real world shopping. I want to see some things I don't already know about, touch things before I take them to try etc..

I picked tomorrow because of NAS, but I don't really have a list for that or expect to purchase much. I want to try the Foxcroft chambray shirt if they have it. I also want to just look around and try on some things to get more familiar with sizing and fit for some of the brands I haven't tried before, in both clothes and shoes. I'm taking a notebook and will take notes. I might pick up other things but I don't have a big list or anything.

My main objective for tomorrows trip is to look for some inexpensive tshirts and tops that will carry me through the rest of the summer and also have layering potential for fall. Hoping there will be a decent selection of summer tops on sale at various places. Plan to try some stores I haven't gone into, or gone into in a while and again try things on and make sizing and fit notes as I shop.

I'm going to wear my new KUT BF Jeans. I haven't worn low waisted jeans in forever and I want to look for couple of tops that could work with them well. Otherwise I will grab some skirts and regular jeans off the rack to use to try tops on.

My notes and inevitable skads of pictures will be used for any online sale shopping I might do in the next few months.

Most importantly, I plan to have fun!! If I don't find a single thing, that will be OK. I want to have fun seeing whats out there, playing in the mirror, and being picky picky picky.

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