This is a beautiful outfit. I am so glad you stalked that vest because it is perfect for you.
I don't think the pants are too big but I tend to like them a little bit wider.

Another voice to the choir of Great Vest! Totally meant to be, so glad you were able to get it. I don't find the trousers too big but then I used to have a similarly fitting pair of wide legs trousers myself (now retired, sadly). You really have to want that as The Look though, it can be overwhelming quickly. I think you'll be much happier right now with a pair that's more fitted through the thigh.

OK, the trousers have been sorted:-)

And good thing you decided to keep the vest, Sveta, I would have been extremely miffed if you'd sent it back!!!
The black version looked amazing on you in London, but my word, the white one is even better. Elegant, unique and utterly gorgeous. I have a feeling it's going to be a workhorse for you.
(agree with Angie, that the lilac sweater is a seriously flattering colour on you as well).

The white vest looks amazing on you. I agree that those pants do not do you justice. That tunic has your name written all over it!

The vest is freaking fabulous. Love the whole outfit.

Love the was made for you Sveta!! A fabulous pick and even better on a sale price. Agreeing the pants no longer fit well and need to be moved on.

Gorgeous vest and impressive stalking!

I do love a happy ending! The vest is awesome.

The white trousers are a bit too roomy through the hip and thighs, so pass perhaps.