I live in a town with a population of 17,000, but about an hour from a Big City. Between online shopping and the few B&M shops in our town, we do ‘okay’ provisioning for out wardrobes. However, quarterly - lists in hand - we make a shopping trip to a Big City Mall. Today, DH, one of our kiddos, and I visited a mall that had a Lululemon in order to exchange some Christmas presents (ordered on line - wrong size) and do a little retail therapy.

What I saw: Many of the stores were in the midst of mid-winter sales (Hudson’s Bay, Eddie Bauer) with lots of stock, but several stores (Uniqlo, Zara, Aritzia) were having no sales, and have switched up stock, or at least are displaying it differently! (No wool sweaters displayed at Uniqlo!) I saw layered outfits suitable for late winter into early spring in light palettes with lots of soft Easter egg pastels paired with vanilla and golden beige or complete windows with manikins in head to toe cream and white ‘vanilla girl’ outfits - right down to the coat! Even Gap and H&M that were having sales, had lots of ‘new’ stock, including ultra-light blue jeans and pastel colours (pale blue, watery yellow, lilac, celery green, very light turquoise). If it wasn’t pastel, it was Barbie pink or cobalt blue!

We have about 3cm of snow on the ground, but February is usually our coldest month, and March our snowiest. April brings showers, but not much warmth. I was surprised to see so much ‘spring’ fashion in evidence - or at least spring palettes. It was certainly pleasing to the eye.

Is spring fashion showing up (early!?!) where you live?

What I got: I stuck to my list, and got a Uniqlo soft round bag in navy and a pair of light weight Bermuda shorts for an upcoming trip to a warm place. (I’d wanted the bag since November, after I brought home an orange one for DS#2 as a Christmas present. There were lots of fun colours, but I got a bright navy Uniqlo calls ‘blue’ LOL!).

DS#2 returned 2 pair Lululemon ABC pants for the same in the correct size. DH bought golf balls. We were in and out of several shops, but virtuously stuck to our lists! A treat at Cinnabon, and we were on our way home

WIW: (pics #1-2)
-plaid flannel shirt - Denver Hayes/MWWH
-high waisted wide leg cropped jeans - Levi’s
-cream micro puffer - Uniqlo
-navy pea coat - NAS
-red boots - bulle - local indi shoe store
-light burgundy gloves - local indi women’s wear shop
-burgundy bag - Coach - thrifted

*DS#2 said he used the red boots to find me whenever we split up, and I got 2 compliments from SA’s on them. Best purchase of 2021!?

pic #3 DS#2’s bag

Finds - my purchases

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