I can't figure out my body type anymore, due to weight gain & a drastic haircut (see last photo) - I'm worried that my current self consciousness may be affecting my judgement though, so please let me know what you think!

I used to peg myself as a pear shape, due to my short legs & how far my backside & thighs protrude (side photos incoming, lol!). But I've put on weight around the lower stomach & shoulders/ upper arm area, so does that make me an apple now? I don't think I have enough in the chest area to be a true apple and, from what I can see from these photos, I *think* my waist is still well defined, right?

My body measurements:
(I went beyond just BWH so you can see how my body occupies 3D space & how far certain parts protrude, lol)

Shoulders across - 42cm / 16.54 inches
Full sleeves length - 52cm / 40.47 inches
Widest bust point - 95cm / 37.4 inches
Just under bust - 80cm / 31.5 inches
Natural waist - 77.5cm / 30.5 inches
Widest stomach - 86cm / 33.86 inches
Top of hips - 97.5cm / 38.39 inches
Widest butt - 100cm / 39.38 inches
Just under butt - 98cm / 38.6 inches
Widest thighs - 93cm / 36.62 inches
Leg length (front) - 77cm / 30.32 inches
Inseam - 70cm / 27.56 inches

Any thoughts on my primary & secondary body types would be much appreciated - thanks!

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