Despite the wind storms we've been having, is starting to feel like the end of winter in the UK. I'll be putting away most of my chunky knits this weekend, since I'm just not reaching for them.

As the season ends, I'm dropping in to make a note of a few workhorses, mostly for future reference.

1) Camel hat: I'll continue to wear this in the spring, but it's been essential on rainy days and always gets complements. A wide brim hat should always be part of my wardrobe.

2) Black Chelsea boots: I alternated these two pairs basically everyday for three solid months without tiring of either of them. Total heroes.

3) Theory trench: I picked this up at the end of the summer and am so glad I did. It is the kind of piece that always makes me feel chic. It was even practical on mild days in the winter layering a thin puffer underneath. And it's the first thing I'm reaching for now that it's warmer. *Note to self: Consider duplicating the shape/length in wool for next winter.

What have your winter work horses been?