I think it's not too early to plan, but way too early to shop for this type of thing. I mean, for the winter season.

Unless you scout some high-end consignment shops for interesting, unique pieces like Kkards mentions. That would be a fun use of your time now.

I second LJP's suggestion of checking Club Monaco when the season starts unrolling. Ditto your beloved Cos, and Massimo Dutti. Club Monaco often has items in higher quality fabrications with an interesting (though subtle) cut. They tend toward neutrals. Some of the blouses may be too thin but a lot of their knits are a bit different from whatever else is out there, though it is not always obvious just from the stock photo.

I have a metallic CM sweater from years ago that I layer over different tops.

I feel confident your metallic sweater will be out there, this year. There are so many more metallics for spring than is typical.

I added a l-o-n-g wool coat to my closet specifically so I could wear dresses and skirts in winter!

LJP & kkards, thanks, I’ll check it out..
Angie & Bijou, your collections of dressy winter clothes is so beautiful!
Suz, CM used to me one of my favorite stores but in the last couple of years I don’t find that many interesting to me things there. I check it anyway, also their shoes fit me nicely.

RunCarla, your coat is great! I remember how fab it looks on you. I do have a below the knee wool dressy coat but unsure how it would work with dresses.
Speaking of dresses - I went to COS today and one of things I bought is a merino maxi dress in cobalt, breaking my own “no long warm dresses” rule. As far as bright colors go, cobalt looks good on me, I consider it a special occasion color in my wardrobe. The dress fits good, similar to how it fits a model, only longer by probably 6”. DH loves it on me. The price was amazing and low enough to take a risk (final sale). I can wear it with my high shaft boots or over black pants. Yet… I would feel much more comfortable if the dress was black. It would not be as dressy in black but easier to style with a black coat.
Zara store was so full that I turned around and left, Will have to go to pick up my order of pants another day.
I also tried COS velvet blazer (too oversized) and velvet pants but not a suit. Pants are definitely not for me.
The last picture is what I wore on this rainy day.

Once again, thank you all! The search will go on.

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I have no ideas for winter dressy items because my climate is warmer, but I love the new cobalt merino dress!!! Absolutely gorgeous and I bet it will look great with the boots you mention and a black or other neutral coat and accessories.

Do you ever read Style Bee? She is a Canadian blogger who has done some nice breakdowns of winter dressing. Perhaps it will be helpful.

Congrats on the new dress!

Love the cobalt dress. It will look very good with a black coat. I like your cream top too. You do Stylishly Casual so well.

Beautiful dress…cobalt and black are a classic combo, so I’m sure you can work with this color.

OMG, a very eye catching dressy ensemble---which I would have been eager too see you modelling before return---you tend to be too hard on yourself!- was it that bad the long blazer?? Ah, but the cobalt dress should be a win!

We don't have really cold winters anymore and am a dress&skirt girl (for dressy too) so cannot give you much inspo-thus love metallic thread knits, too.

ChristelJ, Star, kkards, lyn67, thanks!
I used to wear maxi knitted dresses years ago and I do like this one. Sometimes it’s hard to break one’s own rule
Hadilly, I know the Style Bee and read her blog once in a while. I like her style and her outfits are lovely, too classic and feminine for me personally, though.

That's a lovely dress, Irina. I bet it will become quite versatile in your closet!

Lisa, thanks! I hope it’s $56 well spent

That's a nice dress, beautiful color!
I don't know your budget, but would an embellished sweater like this one from Kate Spade work for you?


I don't know if you like to do creative things or not, but you could buy simple sweaters in luxe & warm material and add your own rhinestones, pearls or even add metallic thread. You can add it to the bodice or along the sleeves and use pretty necklaces to make it more dressy. That's always my last resort when I can't find what I'm looking for or if it's out of my budget

JP, thanks! I admit that it might be too much embellishments for me but the idea of adding a metallic thread to a sweater is intriguing! Thanks!

Gorgeous dress! I hope it works!

Love the dress. I only have one sweater dress - but I do like it for cold dressy work days. Mine is black and I wish it was not haha!