It’s getting chilly out!

1-2 These jeans have a “pull” in the fabric on one leg, so I have to pair them appropriately. The sweatshirt worked for Fla winter, but here it needs backup from a Heattech undershirt and a full coat.

3-6. New skirt from Esprit. It’s all viscose, but I think I’m keeping it. It has a yoke on top, a style I absolutely love. Am trying to do Nikki’s thing of wearing clothes for multiple seasons, in this case by using Brooklyn’s double dresses trick. I still haven’t figured out how to wear the T-neck dress otherwise.

7. Those jeans again, this time with the purple velour top and my favorite crazy belt.

8. Neither the cord skirt nor the teal sweater are new, but I don’t think I’ve worn them together before. Not sure the shapes are right for each other.

9. Getting tired of my minis? Me too.

10. My flannel shirt. After this pic my son said to tuck it in. I didn’t get a pic, but think it was better that way.

11. Made him take 50-11 pix of me in the touchabley soft jacket with the iconic “in case of feelings, caress here” sign.

Thanks for looking and for comments & suggestions.

ETA 12 is a flat lay of 7, which is too dark to show anything.

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