I was getting dressed this morning and I had a strange epiphany. I realized that, for the first time in, well, millennia, I was actually completely satisfied with the state of my seasonal wardrobe. I have a wide variety of warm pieces, almost more than I feel I need. Like, I'm a recovering addict who regularly 'fixes' on all things buttercream and/or retail-therapeutic in place of the substances I used to fix on. How did I decide that my wardrobe is almost more than I need for the cool weather season? (I will probably share a link to this post with my 12 step sponsor, with a note saying 'god is good')

Not only is my wardrobe in a good state to keep me warm; i actually feel like all the pieces are authentically 'me' and they fit my current definition of 'comfort' that we've been discussing in TorontoGirl's recent post. (https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....on-changed sorry, I don't know how to make regular words into a link). All the pieces seem to fit my style moniker (avenging angel) in one form or another. All the pieces are comfortable or have a sense of ease to them. Most of the pieces feel really luxe to me, in that the fabrics have a nice 'hand'. My footwear collection is filled with options that work for my fussy feet and are aesthetically pleasing to my eyes as well.

I might actually be done shopping for the cool season! I don't need a single, solitary thing to stay warm or make complete outfits that feel rich, layered, textural, comfortable, and all that other good stuff. I wish I could get to this same place with my hot weather wardrobe, but that may never truly happen thanks to the nature of my lifestyle and its brutal effect on garments.

While 12 step recovery is certainly a major part of why I feel so content right now; I also have to give credit to this forum and all the fab members for helping me look at shopping and dressing and organizing from a variety of viewpoints (most of them very introspective or navel gazing LOL). So thank you for the part you have all played in helping me look at clothing differently!

Bonus WIW pics. Cardigan, Nicholas K. Sweater tank top, Jil Sander Navy. Jean's, 7FAM. Boots, Chippewa. Necklace, Chickasaw artisan made.

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