In response to Angie's post about "Organized Emotional Shopping," I wrote that I carry around a mental list of what I’d like to have, usually for items
that 1)are going to help me wear things I already have or 2) represent
trends that I want to pursue.
I added that I recently bought a pair of shoes that did not meet either of these criteria. I feel like they are a departure from my usual style. And they are not only a departure, but perhaps one that harks back to a former style rather than moving my style forward. And yet, I bought them and at the moment plan to keep them. Perhaps I could be persuaded to return them, but I'm more intent on discovering all the ways I might wear them.

The shoes are clunky, cutout booties (Kork-Ease, Stina), which in the photos below, I just put on with what I was wearing earlier in the day. They are also shown as a Find. They seem more in keeping with my style of a few years ago, when I loved my Ariat clogs and other clunky shoe styles. Part of my attraction to rounded toes, chunky heels, and clog soles was that I felt they balanced out my calves, which are relatively large for my overall body size. I have since gotten over that idea and have gradually moved toward more refined footwear. One of my style goals in the last couple of years has been to aim for a little more sophistication.

And yet, here I am with a pair of shoes that are hardly refined and sophisticated and could possibly be the antithesis of those things. So what gives?

I came up with the theory that these shoes may be a wildcard for me--which Angie defines as "an item that is atypical to your style persona, but that speaks to you in some way."
Which makes me wonder if wildcards help put the emotion in organized emotional shopping. These particular shoes seem to speak to the same part of me that the arty pair of green/brown oxfords I toyed with last summer did. I ended up returning those, but these I don't have the same hesitation about.

What do you think? Where do wildcards fit in this OE shopping scheme? And what do you think of these shoes for me?

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