Hubby's been doing some freelance work lately and ended up getting a lovely bonus from a client who was beyond thrilled with his work. We've finished paying off the roof repair on our home and although this doesn't mean I can go nuts with shopping, my sweet man and I went out to do some Christmas shopping last night and he tossed me a bit of his bonus and said to go buy myself a few things.

There's only a few pieces I've been wanting so I was very frugal and with his eyes saying "yes" to each of the items, this is what I came home with. There are no K/R to these as they are already in my closet and have been hubby approved.

These are good wardrobe pieces for me to integrate with what I already have and are basics. But they are also basics that fit incredibly well, are good quality and I can "funk" up with other wardrobe pieces, footwear, jewelry and handbags.

The first is a black knit skirt with a black/grey patterned centre on both the front and back. Simple but comfortable and very versatile for me. Also great petite length.

The second is a multi coloured skirt that is midi length on me and has colours that will work with several of my jackets and my cream fisherman knit sweater.

The third is a simple black top but with beautiful draping on and a side knot. Looks great with skirts and trousers.

Unfortunately the fourth item I can't find on the website so will just describe as being a peasant type blouse with a wide band gathered at the hips, 3/4 length sleeves with green and black, and comes with green matching cami.

All are from Cleo Petite and very good prices. These will totally round out my wardrobe.