I needed to replace some very worn lounge wear, and also needed to refresh my solid t-shirts. I found some winners and wanted to share.

Long sleeve - Loft Long sleeve shirttail tee. These are slouchy-sized - long, and the scoop neck is wide (fits more like the purple in Finds in my standard size). Perfect for loungewear, but would need to size down if you want more of a layering piece.

Short sleeve - WHBM ultra luxe soft tee. Nicely polished, a lighter weight than Boden's cotton t-shirts (my other go to) so will be a better fit for casual work day layering. They are a little longer than I typically wear, so will need to play getting the tuck right. And all in my happy colors!

I don't typically buy tops in multiples, but in this case I'm happy to have these wardrobe holes filled. Anyone else buy 2-3 of the same top at once?