YLF in both shorts - & also your tops too! The first is smoky ethereal, but the second is punchy fun without being overwhelming. The length works great for being practical yet avoiding the dreaded 'chub rub' (or is that just something I struggle with, lol?)

I have many of the same leg fit challenges as you - down to the thigh VS calf ratio & even the placement of my calves (FitFlop came through with their tall boots, but I'm finding their shoe (sole) sizing more inconsistent these days - you too?) Like @Roxanna, I'm right on the cusp of petite with a short waist but long rise - YLF has been helpful in determining I'm not 'strange' for being shaped like this, but rather I just need to find clothing that fits my proportions.

It's also been great for finding & following people with similarly shaped bodies, so I can get an idea of how a garment shape would hang on me VS a professional model

Those are great on you, and love your tops too! Shorts are the hardest type of garment to fit, at least for me- so I gave up!

Oh my, these shorts look great on you, Suz. I'm glad you showed them, as this is my favorite look for shorts, too. And I find them very flattering on you; I do not see them as shortening at all. Perhaps the opposite, in fact.

Suz, those shorts are perfect for you! Very cute styling and fit!

Thanks, all. Nice to know you like these. The quality is great -- I am putting them through their paces (literally, ha ha) and they are doing well for comfort and wrinkles -- they stay nicely crisp without feeling at all uncomfortable.

Zaeobi, that's incredible! I, too, have a short waist and a longer rise (and am just about 5'4"). It has been super helpful to me to work out those proportions.

Re Fit Flop, I have never been able to do well with their closed shoes apart from one pair of sneakers that did work. But most have been too loose on me. Now the sandals are, too. I'm going to look into Vionics to see if those work for me.

I just ordered them in white and navy. I wish the green had been available in my size, but these two colors will be really useful.
I have a similar pair of white shorts by JAG, but I don't like the look and fit across the back, so they are for wearing with longer-tailed tops. If the Talbots fit better, I can ditch those JAG shorts and their butt-mocking ways!

Hah! Sharan and I are on the same wave length!

How interesting re: FitFlop because I have the opposite problem - I now need to size up in their shoes (my old pair of closed toe shoes are a UK5 but new ones are a UK6!)

The proportions of these shorts are excellent for you.

Sharon I hope you sized down in the shorts -- they will swim on you if you didn't!

Zaeobi, I think it's the width of the Fitflops that doesn't work for me -- way too wide. The length is okay to short in the closed shoes and okay in the sandals.

I didn't, Suz. Looking at the measurement chart, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We'll see what happens. Maybe I should place another order with the size down. (This is what I hate about online shopping!!)

Sharan, I truly would. My so called regular size would probably have fallen off me. If you were very curvy in the hips I might say otherwise but I know you have moderate curves in that area, so I suspect your regular size will not work.

Those shorts look like they fit you absolutely perfectly. They look terrific on you. Let's not hear any more negative leg talk! And *high five* to all-shorts-all-the-time. I wear shorts *every* day in summer, but don't have the nice collection of summer tops to go with them that you do (I'm in Loft patterned t-shirts nearly every day. Yawn. Maybe next year, when we're really out of this pandemic thing...).

@Suz that's probably why they work for me - I have a wide forefoot (& high instep) but narrow heel Or at least for now they do (when sized up)!

Made it to T yesterday and they had one pair of white in my size! I have them washed and ready to wear today. Thanks again for your review.

Hi. Suz! Thank you for posting this. Shorts with a 10” inseam are a priority on my shopping list, and I would never have thought of Talbots. I’ll check them out this week!

Suz, you were right. My regular size arrived and was too big. I took them back to the store so I could see if I could try the size down in person. And they did fit! (I feared I would be between sizes, so a pleasant surprise!) Also, I lucked out that they had both the white and navy in the correct size! Thanks for the tip on these shorts. I really like them.

That's great, Sharan! Glad they worked out. And yep, their sizing is crazy, but whatever, as long as we find what fits!