I have a hard time shopping for sandals. I live in ballet flats or converse when I'm not in heels, so sandals don't feel as normal for me. I have the same issue with dress heels... not really a fan of strappy sandals. But I wanted to update shoes for summer clothes this season.

I've ordered and returned about 15 pairs of summery shoes this spring. And I think I've finally landed on 2 pair that will work. I still haven't found a pair of flat sandals, but I have an older pair of metallic sandals that can probably make it through another season.

In finds:
J Crew Espadrilles, Metallic Gold. They are more of a linen color with a metallic thread, so I think they will work as a neutral.
Anthopologie Jessie heeled sandals. Honey. Closer to a traditional sandal.

Anyone have a particular sandal/summer flat shoe that they love?