I think I'm done shopping for summer (okay, I might still add a straw bag, but that's pretty much it), so it's time for some accountability!

Not including jewelry, I purchased 14 items to add to my wardrobe this season, including:
5 tops
4 bottoms (including 1 skirt)
2 dresses
2 shoes
1 hat

All new items are in the Finds below. I also added several jackets and a lot of jewelry from my mom's closet, but I didn't account for those here.

Most of the new pieces were neutral building blocks, with only a couple of impulse buys (the Gatsby tee and the banded Knox Rose blouse). I'm not yet succeeding in my goal to add more high-quality items, because it seems like I try on thirty mid-to-higher range items that don't fit, and then the one thing I take into the Target dressing room is perfect. The struggle to find well-made, ethical clothing that suits my body is frustrating.

I'm enjoying having a summer wardrobe that is relaxed, casual, and neutral. I like the ease with which I can mix summer and winter items as our weather varies, or I go up and down in elevation. I appreciate having a few colored statement pieces that work with my neutral core. We've yet to reach the hottest part of the year, but so far, so good.

How's the season treating you all?

(Whoops... I forgot one skirt! Edited to update numbers)