Here's my 2021 haul so far

All the black pieces- except the crocheted top and Yogipace joggers are sleep/lounge. Also teal robe cause a certain little Angel =^-^= bit through the tie of my purple one :/ Lots from Big Warehouse in this category, but due to kitty claws, these are not investment pieces.

Nearly everything was bought online, and duplicating is my strategy more than ever. So far cognac sandals (had black too), the joggers, the rust Kettlewell top (had olive), and the robes.

Otherwise the boots, coat, and crocheted top were consignment finds, and the glasses case and "white to me" top were from the boutique. I have found my white!

Adding more non-black neutrals, especially lighter neutrals, was a goal this year, as was replacing some summer tops, done and done!

I have A Lot for summer, but wear the things for 6 months of the year and they're so much easier and more fun to shop for

My goals for later in the year will be to finally sort Once And For All the problematic categories: transitional shoes, pants, and bitter cold/snow :/

ETA- several pieces are not showing up on my end (cognac sandals, chocolate brown top, rust top). There should be 21 pieces. Maybe visible on computers?
Full collection here