Some sales grabbed me recently, but I think I chose wisely irrespective of price. I’ve been trying to focus on practical items and pieces I really need and will use frequently. Whatever #basic is these days for the middle aged, I’m it.

First off, I ordered a new pair of running sneakers – the Revel from Brooks. ( I got a red that’s not on the site anymore. They fit well but I don’t think they’re supportive enough for long runs. I’ll keep them for everyday and walks. I’ve ordered the Ghost to try next. (

From LL Bean, I ordered a new swimsuit in a long torso size, and a sleeveless knit dress for summer (;feat=summ )

From Talbots, I picked up a pair of pull-on jeggings (find 1) for my ‘leggings-ish and tunics’ capsule, and a casual pique jacket (find 2) for my work clothes capsule; I have to wear work-branded t-shirts and I find these jackets work really well over top – comfortable and easy to pull on and off but look a bit better than a hoodie. I haven’t worn either of these two pieces much yet; it got hot right as I got them so they’re waiting for the start of fall.

From Chico’s, I ordered their girlfriend jean shorts in two colors, white ( and medium denim ( The only jean shorts I had were shorter and thus really casual, so I thought these would be a great addition to my summer options. These fit very similarly to the full-length girlfriend jeans, which I own in a couple colors and like a lot. I’d kind of like to find something similar in a light wash denim but with no distressing.

From Loft, I ordered several tops to try. The knit button-front tops are a keeper – I got them in all three colors, gray, black, and a bluey-green which is now sold out (finds 3-5). The olive woven top (find 6) is going back; the fabric and styling is nice but it runs way big so the v-neck would require a camisole for modesty – and that makes it pointless for summer for me. The white version of the woven top (find 7) is still backordered; I need to check to see if I can change my order to a size down otherwise it’ll be going back too.

I need to replace several of my sandals since they’re 3+ years old. Born usually works well on my feet and they were discounted at Nordstrom. The taupe/snake is a keeper (find 8) but although the black (find 9) fit I didn’t like the vibe for me – too boho for my personal preference. Flat but supportive everyday black sandals with lighter-colored soles have become a HEWI for me – any suggestions are welcomed.

I don’t think I need much else for summer. I could use replacements for some of my flip-flops, but I’m wearing them less since I’m in sneakers for work and any other days I’m on my feet at all so it’s not super-urgent.