'Always trying' posted about not shopping lately and I thought I could do a roundup of my most recent purchases and share my own experiences with shopping these last months. To set the context: where I am, restrictions had lifted in June and July but have been tightened again now we're at the start of a second wave. Shopping at retail is still possible but not encouraged (run-shopping and no fun-shopping). I have been to the office three times in June-July but will be working completely from home again until further notice. So most of my office clothes remain unworn. I'm starting to feel a little sad about this 'lost' fashion season and am seriously wondering if a separate work wardrobe still makes sense for me. (Of course this sadness is nothing compared to the stress and isolation, just saying I realized most of my summer workwear will soon be back in storage without having been worn at all).
I did quite a bit of shopping therapy at the start of the epidemy, that I shared in previous posts. For the past two months or so, my interest in shopping has plummeted for the reasons stated above. My casual wardrobe is in pretty good shape so I don't feel like putting in the effort to add to it much. I did add a pair of jeans which is a sort of replacement in a smaller size of a pair I got last year that I really like but that stretched out too much. Apparently you should still buy jeans in a size that you can barely get into waiting for it to stretch..?? Anyway, on a lone shopping trip for bras (one department store, a dozen try-ons) I spotted an oversized denim jacket that I really liked. At H&M, so a steal, made of recycled fibre so not too harmful either. No use denying anymore that I'm seriously into that nineties look...
My limited spending on fashion has lead me to use my budget on comfy and attractive underwear (which was a goal for this year) and a pair of prescription sunglasses that was expensive but has already made me so happy in the summer heat & glare. So there's a pretty great bright side.
Hard to predict what the coming months will look like. If I feel up to the challenge to navigate sales shopping with the current restrictions maybe I'll visit some favorite local boutiques and open up to spontaneous additions. For fall everything remains very unclear.

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