This was a big month for closet clean-out and some significant replacements.

Retired: 25 pieces. Most were no-longer-worn blazers, cardigans and dresses. I'm waiting to donate until the stay home orders lift.

Promoted: Moved 4 pieces from the holding zone back to the closet.

New: 11 pieces. ALL were purchased on sale, and had a specific intention.
New casual wear: 2 T-shirts, 1 pair of joggers
New bottoms: jeans, pull-on ponte pants
New tops: boat neck top, animal print blouse
New sweaters: pullover and v-neck
New blazer: Statement purchase - super excited to get this one on major sale!
New sandals

I've got my eye on a couple other items - specifically I"m low on blouses that work standalone without jackets. And I still need to clear out my pants. But excited to have some piece that work now, and a few to look forward to when we return to life outside the house!