Yep. I know -- weird, right, Lisa? But the Ecco site and the shoe box say leather.

I wear Fitflop sandals as my house shoes and my "suburban walk" sandals all summer and I swear to all the gods they have saved my feet. I wish the shoes were narrower, but I am experimenting again with a few style in a half size down to see if they will work. The clogs are intended as a house shoe (with socks in winter).

I'm trying to get really specific about what I wear indoors and what out, because we have pale maple floors, a mucky suburb, and it just makes sense. BUT, most slippers do not offer enough support for me, or else they are "too darn hot" as Ella Fitzgerald might say -- my feet get very uncomfortable. Hence my search for easy on, easy off house shoes that are also either fun and whimsical or pretty or (dare I hope??) cool -- or at minimum, not schlumpy. .

This could be its own thread, so I might go there in a day or two.

I love the plaid Rails shirt on you. You look positively dashing going out and about. And great find with the shoes. I stumbled upon (thrifted) a pair of El Naturalista slides and they are competing with my Birks as my most worn house shoe. In Israel hot desert storms, which turn the air yellow, are almost always followed by rain. I hope Mother Nature cooperates with you with this human made storm.

I can’t figure out what to wear indoors on my feet either . Many slippers are too hot , heavy socks are messy and schlumpy looking , neverminf slippery on hardwood floors , but it also seems weird to be sitting on the couch watching tv wearing Birkenstocks or other such shoes . Big first world problems .

Love your shoes - perfect combination of "works for at home wearing" and a polished style, not to mention how great they look with that plaid shirt. It's so good to have a defined color palette! I'm also pretty amazed at how good you look with a scarf AND a mask....that look feels overwhelming on me but maybe it works for you because your hair is shorter.

Chris, I know -- it's a lot going on, isn't it. I kind of forgot that when I threw on the scarf for warmth on a cool morning! It probably works okay because I have short hair and a long-ish neck and because the colours really harmonized/ blended.

Lisa -- right? It seems silly to worry about it but at the same time, this is our daily lives/ comfort we are talking about and the less we go out, the more important it is to feel good in our at-home wear yet also be practical about it.

Perfect flats! And a great outfit overall.

I do not know what will evolve for “ dressy- er “ footwear for me. Have such issues with toebox. Many fashion sneakers seem too “ flat” at the tip of the toe. I thought I would always keep some type of ballet flat in the lineup, but now I’m not so sure.

The Rails shirt is fantastic on you! And I love the Eccos. I have never been able to get a flat to stay on my heels. That is why I just surrender the heel and go with mules.

Aw, love that rich magenta, & NOT ONLY for indoors shoes! And you styled them beautifully, love the color repetition in the shirt, and your hair looks fabulous, again! Other outfit os also gorgeous-love your outfits, please post again (window shopping also good:-)).