Hiya, well, every once so often I go on a real shopping spree and this last month has been it. Having already made a few purchases to update my fall/winter wardrobe, I went to return one item and ended up buying two! *sigh*

Back went the oversized plaid blazer. I think this was a really nice piece, it worked with my style and current wardrobe, and it met my goal of trying something a little new and different and seemed stylish and on-trend in a classic way - and I had no desire to wear it. Normally I'd blame the weather but we've had an ideal fall - and yet it sat in the bag, not even pulled out to try. Back it went for someone else to love and wear! I don't totally know why; I just know that I was happier to have that money to spend on something else than I was to have the actual blazer - emotions for the win.

Of course while doing that, I spotted a couple of things - first on the way past Banana Republic, I spotted the perfect volume-sleeve top for me - a subtle balloon sleeve in a gorgeous deep green which suits me well. I had to resist buying the burgundy also, but if it's true love, I'll keep that option open to me. Then at Gap (where I had to do the actual return haha), I spotted another top, striped, fluid, but with a tie waist that enabled me to give it a more polished look when I tried it on.

The common denominator seems to be a fluid fit with some tailoring/fittedness at the ends (sleeves, waist/hipline), which appeals to me right now, a bit of a change from my norm but subtly so. I am excited to wear both these tops, so that's good enough!

And now I'm REALLY done shopping for fall/winter *knocks on wood*