A couple weeks ago I finally got the ZeroGrand sneakers that Angie collected, in metallic blue. Last fall the Simply Vera sneakers were a very successful wild card for me. The ZeroGrand have a very different look - more streamlined, and no black - which also really called to me. They were also waaay out of my justifiable price range. But the Simply Veras are already showing wear, which makes me sad. They also look *very* modern, have a heavy, angular profile, and have a lot of warm padding. So I was concerned about wearing them all spring/summer/fall and with my dresses. The ZeroGrand were on my "Dream List" because they give that same fun, happy feel with more versatility and longevity, and I was really impressed by the Cole Haan pumps I got last fall. I was nervous they would disappear soon, so when I saw them on sale on the CH site, plus an additional sale code, I pounced. Still quite expensive for me, but I'm so glad I got them. I wore them with a royal blue dress for my Mall Trek last weekend and felt comfortable and fab.

From eShakti is coming this swallow-print dress. I love that it's a print on white (not off white), and it's fully lined. I'm hoping to wear it for Easter, the one Sunday of the year that I can wear prints/patterns in church choir. But I anticipate it getting a lot more wear than that, too. Doubtless with the ZeroGrand sneakers, among other things.

The green Steve Madden coat I've been eyeing for 2 or 3 years; it's a style that's been regularly stocked in different colors by Modcloth under the name "Once Upon a Thyme." It's a lovely design, full-skirted, high-low hem, and with a dramatic hood/collar. I bought several coats last winter, since I wasn't happy with what I had, but not all of the decisions were wise. This year I've been very pleased with my puffers and existing other coats, but I've been longing for more color beyond black and navy. I waffled over burgunday vs. green, but plumped for green; I have a pink jacket-coat already. I scored the last one from Nordstrom Rack in my size. The purchase was an impulse, but the thought was already put into it.

The reason I even started looking for the green coat was a one-day sale Modcloth ran on some of their staple items. I ordered one of their basic skirts, in ordinary black. I like occasional statement skirts, but I'm lost without good staples in black, white, and denim. I've discovered I lacked a basic black skirt; my others are too warm and/or short (i.e. winter only) or flared cotton poplin (a bit casual/summer only). This skirt has yet to arrive, but I've been impressed with a similar skirt I got from Modcloth.

The navy/medium blue stripe dress was also from the Modcloth sale. I love both of the blues! This is a brilliant use of stripes, it has sleeves, it has waist ties, and is a nice-sounding cotton blend. It had very high reviews, too. If it works it will get a lot of wear during warm weather.

I also bought a new summer hat and sunglasses, but neither is online and I haven't been able to upload pictures in a while. The hat was a true impulse, but it's cornflower blue, faux straw, in a fedora shape. It's a woven material and not braided, with lots of open areas in the crown for air flow, and it's very stiff. I have a white paper straw fedora that saw daily wear last summer, but it's a bit floppy in a breeze. (Which is typical here.) This stiffer hat will give more variety and better service in the wind.

The sunglasses are an anticipatory replacement for my pale green Simply Vera sunglasses. I foolishly let the lenses get scratched up before I got a case, and the screws routinely loosen and get lost. So their days are numbered. But the shape is perfect - slightly oversized, with a definite cats-eye flick at the outer corners. It's been impossible to find anything remotely similar. Until I browsed the Big Buddha stands at JCPenney and found some in blush pink. They're not identical, but very close, and they made me very happy. I might start alternating them with the green ones once it gets a little warmer.

Sorry this was so long! It's been slow on the WIW front for a while, and I've got pictures to share but no chance to edit and upload yet.