My nephew is getting married in December. It's very likely that no matter what I wear on any given day, someone is not going to like it. So I really dress to my own happiness. I realized that the things I usually love would make me feel odd. This is the rare occasion that dressing for an audience and dressing for my happiness are the same thing.

So I set headed out to the mall for a dress to look for either a dress or a shirt to match the cobalt tube skirt ( same one that Janet has). No luck on my side of town where the stores are midrange. Thursday I headed across town to higher end stores.

At the Rack, I saw a really cute dress. It was a deep red with black shadow flowers. It was a fit and flare, so it was too girly for me. I also don't think I'd feel grown up in it. Twenty something me would have loved it. It went back on the rack without a try on.

The next stop was Nordies. I saw a lot of sequins and lace and nothing I wanted to wear. Saw a lot of very short or very bodycon on the way to Dilliards. The nice sales lady really tried to help, but the dresses were either prom or senior ladies who lunch. (if you happen to be a SLWL, I truly don't mean to offend) After my 3rd time passing the same dept, I left the store. No dress, but I did find a HEWI teal top to upgrade from a body con ON tee.

After indulging in an order of cheese fries in the food court ( so unhealthy, but oh so good) I headed into Saks. I magically become invisible the moment I cross the threshold. Maybe Equipment cashmere is the cure for Saks invisibility. Or maybe its cancelled out when you pick up something expensive and start carrying it around. Found this Helmut Lang dress deeply discounted.

So all this was a really long winded way of asking if you think this dress is good for a wedding. I'm thinking blue topper. Hedev likes the dress but doesn't love the booties. Dresses and booties are a poison eye thing for him though. I may wear a little shapewear to tame the tummy a bit.

Changing silhouette WIW. Bobeau tree top (work horse), Gap 1969 real straight (work workhorse) and Zigi girl booties (trying to increase their wears)

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