I do too, Angie! A superb pick.

Suntiger, my eyes are peeled.

Suz, wise words, and thank you. The Eliza J stripe dress is AMAZING. I wish I also had it in a red/pink stripe. The flare is what sold the dress to me. It's warm and a workhorse.

Yay, Kari. HIGH FIVE

The fit is perfect on you Angie but how you feel is the most important thing. The other two dresses are so beautiful on you. Something better will come along.

You are a great example of PPP. I have stopped trying to talk myself into things that provoke bad associations or feelings. You do look beautiful in it, nonetheless - especially with the citron bag that makes you smile even more brightly.

This is one of the things that frustrates me when shopping: when I find a beautiful item whose fit is spot on and that I love...but the color is inappropriate for the season in which I will wear it. I'm glad you were able to recognize that the colors simply weren't what you needed and that you can move on.

The fit is amazing. But thank you for the details on the colour analysis, and I understand.

I’m a bit of a lemming of course so I’ve ordered the red / orange version, which was the only colour available in the UK. Will post when it arrives.

Keep warm.

Fit is amazing, but I can understand not loving this color combo for summer. I almost returned a similar pleated midi I recently bought for the exact reason of pattern in black & cream (and not white). Still, I grabbed it out one morning this week and styled it for a cold spring day with a sweater and booties and felt gorgeous-so it is a keeper and predict even a FFBO now.
Also, I am so frustrated when online items are not described accurate enough for shades of white as cream can look bright white in the picties, too.
BTW maybe they are selling these items now as they are considered early Spring fashion rather then Summer. Hah, Angie, we are too impatient!

  • This photo is no longer available

It's hard to return something that's so very close to being just right! I admire your discipline. I love mesh dresses and hope we see more of them at retail.

Oh well, poo poo. I just couldn't take it anymore and ordered the zebra dress just yesterday. Anchie just looks so great in it I HAD to try it! But brown and beige is not going to cut it with my silvery salt and pepper hair. Back to the drawing board...

Thanks for the sweet compliments, ladies. Sorry to disappoint those who ordered the dress.

Jane, did you order this one?

Too bad, it looks wonderful on you.

The dress looks fab on you but I quite Understand about the colours ,good for you for practising what you preach and not settling for something that’s so nearly there but not quite right.

Wow that dress DOES looks amazing on you, but can see how its lacking the "spark" and crispness we both love. Such a bummer there is not enough cream or white in it to elevate it to a "keeper". I can tell even when paired with your darling flats it still falls "flat", hahahah. And in comparison to the red dress - its no contest! Onward and upward.......

Yes Angie, that’s the one. I think it could be super for summer weekend wear - I don’t like to have too much skin out because I burn so easily and I think it might look good with my hair...I’ve not had a mesh dress before...we will see!

Thank you, ladies. It's got to be at least a 9 out of 10, right?

Yes, Jane. That pattern has great hair matching potential for you. High five on not showing a lot of skin - full stop. I LOVE a good mesh dress. The floral I bought last year was the most worn dress of the year. Also Topshop

Colour trumps fit and style every time. Wise decision, but sad too. It’s a beautiful dress.

I accidentally ended up on the site for that dress and under color, it said "black multi". Maybe the supplier made a switch or they sent you the wrong one. I would call them out on it. They should at least change the color on the site.

Thank you, Angie. Looks as fabulous as expected. I appreciate you giving me a peek. I’m sorry the Zebra didn’t work bc it’s really a super flattering cut on you but you are very right, if anything is off at the start, it’ll remain that way.

proving that how we feel is just as important as how we look ....

That's so disappointing about colors not photographing true. I had that with an Emerson Fry leopard blazer, the one viva bought. It looked b&w in the photo. I hoped the box and it was brown, beige and had an orange in it. If you like earth tones it would have been divine but I didn't even try it on, I was do disappointed. I went back to the screen shots and I would never have guessed it was the same jacket and they did not put a "color" on the description. I would save so much trouble and shipping cost if they would do that. I don't understand why they don't.

I always feel a bit sad when I see them getting taken down by a pride of lion hoodies on those Attenborough shows.

Ah, well... Shopping circle of life...

This is such a good lesson, Angie. I need to be more discerning because if this looked as good on me as it does on you, I'd keep it. It's stunning.

Thanks, ladies.

Joy, YES. I mentioned that the description reads “black multi”. I think they intended it to be black. But the black on the faded mesh WITH the beige makes it look muddy and brown - not crisp.

Opaline, wise words, and hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner.

kkards, EXACTLY.

Gryffin, it’s annoying.

Kellygirl, you’re sweet.

Good call, Angie. That's more my color combo than yours. Thanks for showing it to us! I love your watermelon print and striped sweater dresses on you. The comparison makes it so apparent that the zebra print color combo just wasn't the best you could find.

Firecracker, great to see you chime in

Since when are ZEBRAS brown and beige? Sheesh!

Smiling at DonnaF’s comment.
The fit is stunning on you! The real-life colors are an unfortunate surprise.

It looks like you gave a great start on your summer dress capsule.

Hmm such a good shape! It would be so funky if they brought out some bright versions!

Thank you, Angie! It was a nice day/evening. We went to a French bakery, shoe shopping & then dinner. I didn’t get a pic that day but planning to try a few snaps this weekend of what I wore.