The Topshop Zebra frock came last night. I tried it on immediately and the fit is GREAT. Just the type of structured-fluidity I look for in a dress because I'm off sheaths that are structured from neck to hem. Love the length and it's very comfy. Easy to launder and pack too.

The pattern, is brown/beige and not black/cream. That part I did not like for a Spring/Summer dress. (YES, this is a Spring and Summer dress for me).

I put it on again this morning to make sure I felt the same way about the print in blazing daylight. And I did. It's too earthy heading into Spring and Summer. I wish the pattern was turquoise and red because I like the fit, style, fabric and price.

It's going back because the earthy pattern did not make me happy. Comparatively, the new Summer watermelon dress made me instantly happy (pic #4) - although I have to wait three months to wear it. The striped sweater dress - (pic #5) - made me instantly happy, and it's become a workhorse Winter dress. I LOVE those patterns.

Listen to how you feel in an outfit.

And Sam wants to know what the fuss is about?

p.s. New baby citron Furla for Opaline, who wanted to see it.