I know there's been a flurry of excitement here on the forum for the new kick flare jeans trend, and I understand why - they feel fresh, the shorter length signifies spring, and they update a staple than many of us wear every day. I have not been interested in this trend, but I couldn't understand why until reading Suz's thread about it today, where Alaskagirl and Lisa P's comments really hit the nail on the head for me:

- first, I am a petite, curvy pear shape. To Una's point, something about the kick flare in relation to my hips and the short distance from hips to flare to ankle just throws the proportions off for me, even in petite.

- more importantly, as both Una and Lisa P mentioned, this trend just seems like so much work to get both the fit and cut right, and then to style right. This is completely worth the work for someone who lives in jeans, loves a fresh look, and is attracted to the silhouette. But as a busy mom who hardly ever gets to the mall, the thought of ordering countless pairs of these to try on and return makes me want to put a stick in my eye (not to be too dramatic ) And then to think of pulling out of my closet in the mornign and styling it just so? Forget it.

- Admittedly, I am more of a modern classic dresser, and always take a while to warm to new silhouettes, so part of it is that I am just not as fashion-forward as some members here on the forum.

I do like to see all the commentary, though, as my eye adjusts to the look with every photo I see. I will cheer you on from the sidelines and likely join you in a few months (or years!)