Sorry long...huge thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on elegant casual toppers thread. Those of you who know my style were an invaluable help. All the brands you suggested are on my watch list. Those of you who did not know my style were, in many ways, even more helpful. Every suggestion was so thoughtful, it was perfect for the task (sleep in clothes in the hospital). But you made me really figure out how I wanted to present myself and all your feedback was probably the most helpful in making sure I made a wise an considered purchase. Many thanks to all.

So the upshot was I bought the VB scuba jacket in black of course. I selected this due to the 4 season fabric, wrinkle proof, cutaway feminine styling, dickey compatible (I already have two and I have the VB Kennedy jacket), and the comfort factor. Also this would be in regular work and casual rotation, it would not be situation specific. Since I keep my clothing for a very long time, I still have a Dana Buchman blazer from when she was on a par with Vince and Theory and a Mondi jacket from the 90's in rotation, so this would be a long term investment purchase. Also I've never seen this jacket on sale. So after consideration I bit the bullet and pounced despite the steep price. On a review end, VB fits me like theory and smythe. I need to size up from my usual size 6 to an 8. I do not like my blazers "tight" others may prefer them more fitted. The sleeves do run long (which is my preferred length). The hit the MCP joint on the thumb - which is where I like them but if you like sleeves to the wrist this might be a problem. There are working self colored snaps on the sleeve which look problematic to alter. The jacket is partially lined (usually a deal breaker for me) but lined front panels, 1/3 back and sleeves and beautifully finished. But gosh so darn comfortable and flattering. I'm not usually one for zips and snaps but the self colored (black, of course) is unobtrusive and creates structure and shape. The jacket feels so comfortable, light but substantial. Honestly like pajamas but so elegant. I feel fantastic in it. I don't think I would have considered spending this kind of money without all the input and suggestions, but I know it's going to be a work horse and fulfill a place like the Gibson but be much better quality and more elegant.

Currently I'm considering the VB scuba pants or leggings to make this jacket into a suit, which would be even more versatile. I do not have sufficient dress pants and I do wear suits or break them into separates, but I posted on a separate thread for thoughts on the pants and sizing.

So a huge thank you to everyone for their help and a big thumbs up to anyone considering adding this blazer to their wardrobe. Thank you all for helping me sort out what I really wanted and needed and for your awesome suggestions on what to think about for future purchases!!