Not me actually, but I have to represent my program/counties at events. This week I have 3-2 are on 1 day, and 2 of them are after hours. Whats best? Other combos of these? I'm sadly deficient in formal winter workwear
1-black sleeveless dress over sheer sleeve blouse for warmth + boots
2- same + seasonally confused butterfly wrap
3- Same but mules instead
4-black blouse + black pencil skirt
5-black pencil skirt, print blouse and lace blazer
6-same with burgundy pencil skirt
7-purple bell sleeve dress + floral scarf (also works with butterfly wrap or orange velvet burnout scarf)
7. Blouse print
8. Floral scarf
9. Butterfly wrap
10. Orange burnout velvet scarf
Note-mules in finds are the black ones not the orange red.
Eta I would not have bare legs! Either nude to me hose or black tights.

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