Hi all. Angie's ensemble post got me thinking about an animal print bag my husband gave me for Xmas that I have never worn. I have all the essential components for this look - animal print bag, grey jeans and an embarrassing number of white tops - so I thought I would play around with it.

It is winter in the land of the southern cross so I wont be doing a summer version for some time yet. And the jeans are probably more mid grey than light grey, but it's in the same ball park.

Pic 1: Pepe jeans (from ASOS), Urban Outfitters top, Luxury Rebel boots, Vanessa Mooney necklace and Furla bag.

Pics 2-5 feature different toppers. I would love input here as I am striking out into "not approved by Angie" territory.

Pic 2: Gestuz plum jacket from ASOS.

Pic 3:  Same jacket but Steve Madden boots.

Pic 4: Tan Jigsaw jacket.

Pic 5: Green Marcs jacket.

I favour the Gestuz jacket because it is my current closet crush. I think maybe it works better with the Steve Madden boots in 3. But the tan jacket might work better with the bag. More polished? I am not sure about the green jacket. I threw it in because it is proving to be a bit of a closet orphan and I would like to find it some friends. I love green but I find it hard to style.

Any comments, suggestions, statements of preference appreciated.