I HOPE white footwear is not going anywhere since I bought the Geox pair from you lol!

I plan to wear them to edge up my luxe classic separates - I'm thinking the rust silk shell with a navy Pinstripe blazer, light high rise light jeans and those Geox booties for an unexpected touch

I don't plan on buying white footwear but that means absolutely nothing.

Think white shoes are still a thing and I have been wearing them more and more (as my hair gets whiter and whiter?). I have off white booties (same as Angie's) and white slip on shoes and recently thrifted white COS ballet style shoes. I will add white sneakers eventually I think.

I have both warm and cool tones in my hair and I like bookending with white, taupe, yellow, or leopard print.

I will probably not wear as much white footwear in the fall, but I will continue to wear white sneakers and am considering white loafers or booties. It’s mainly practicality - it’s easier for me to keep white shoes clean in the summer. Last winter we had several wet/muddy days in a row and I was really missing my sneakers.

This is all very interesting . I’m not even worried about /considering the white sneaker issue as I was wearing white Stan Smiths before they were even a “thing “ . I wore white leather Converse All Stars to work tonight with black /tuxedo ( white ) stripe pants . That kind of look is natural for me . It’s the dressier white bootie /boots look I haven’t managed to get to work for me .

It’s funny how they have been trending for a few years now , but absolutely not in my part of the country . I can honestly say I have never seen a woman my age - or even close - wearing them . I can picture one look I’d wear , and that would be a blk/white houndstooth check oversize blazer, white t or blouse and pants or jeans ....with white booties . I think if I don’t come across an absolutely fantastic blazer as I just described ( without turning it into an obsessive on line search or days-long shopping expedition ) - I may donate the white booties and call it a day . Circles back to my belief that new looks shouldn’t require so much effort . Either they fit seamlessly into your wardrobe or they don’t .

I haven't noticed many people wearing white footwear around here, but I haven't been to the mall lately, which is where all the stylish people are. So there might be more people wearing it than I think.

I bought a pair of cream-colored espadrilles this spring and am loving them. However, I do find the look a little unbalanced in my outfits because I have dark hair. You might have more success with it since your hair is lighter than mine.

I've been looking for a pair of white booties for a year or so but have been unable to find one that I like and that fits properly. Given my experience with the cream-colored espadrilles being a bit difficult for my look, I might forgo white booties unless the price is extremely reasonable.

For me, everything is in how the item goes with my outfits. I would keep looking and trying white footwear out. I think you'll know when you hit on "the one." Or you will learn as you try them out that it's not for you.

I’m able to utilize mine with skirts/dresses/jeans but don’t like the effect on me with pants. Houndstooth blazer with jeans/tees sounds excellent.

I love my white footwear and would happily add to it. I found a great summer slide, white and gold - the perfect bookend for my hair. I have yet to find a white sandal and probably prefer gold sandals over white.

I have been wearing white boots for 4 years now and cannot imagine my wardrobe without them, I have 3 pairs of white boots.

Thanks for starting this topic. I was wondering about the trend factor of white booties too, as I've been considering them since May but haven't found a pair I like yet. Now I'm wondering if it's still worth it to get a pair, will I wear them (instead of my white loafers or sneakers or later, into fall)? White does not bookend my hair but this season I'm liking the crisp factor - I'm prepared for that too pass though, white footwear is not a signature thing for me.

I try to follow Angie's advice of 'never say never' but I'm probably more often of the 'I like what I like' mindset and white shoes have rarely been on the like list, with the exception of sneakers. White sandals are particularly hard for me to embrace; booties would be easier. For lighter colored shoes, I am much more likely to choose silver or even blush over white. White shoes are just not my thing and anything that requires a lot of work or angst to incorporate isn't worth it to me.

I'm one who hasn't hopped on the white footwear bandwagon. Too crisp and graphic for my style, and though my hair is blonde white footwear doesn't really bookend to my eye. I think it's because my hair is warmer and more "metallic" if you will -- so metallics serve that function better (either gold or silver works IMO). I've really come to like metallic footwear and am thinking of it as "my" white, and I'm looking to add more.

So, I guess my question for you Lisa is what appeals to you about white footwear and what role would it play in your wardrobe? If you can isolate that, maybe you can figure out a variation that would be "your" white (blush, metallic, etc...) but easier to work with. Or, if it's about feeling cutting-edge trendy, maybe there's a different footwear trend that again would be more organic to your wardrobe/style.

SarahD8 - with the smart, pertinent question of the day. Thank you. What appeals to me about white footwear? White sneakers and sandals aside, I guess the answer would have to be "not much", to be honest.

I don't look at white boots outfits and lust after them, I don't look at them in shoe stores and wish I had a pair. I don't think it's necessarily *my* look. I don't really do cutting edge trendy in the way that we think of that descriptor, and white boots can give off either a 80's club-punk look or a 60's gogo vibe. Neither of which are looks I strive for. I do like the look on the forum members who wear them so well: Bijou, Suz, Ummlila , Angie et al, but I'm realizing as I type this that it's ok to like something on others and not feel it necessary to try it myself. I recall spending an inordinate amount of time on-line trying to find a pair of white booties - and I really didn't jump up and down when these finally arrived. This has happened to me more than once on the forum - convinced I needed to update and refresh and try what is currently hot here. You know something ? It rarely works . Either that or I don't spend long enough trying to make it work and am too impatient ?

So - I think I've just answered my own question

Looks like you're sorted after a thought provoking thread. It got me thinking about white boots again as well and I've also decided it's a no for me. I think something like a low contrast snake print or something such would work better for me.

Some of us.....me, you and probably others....see things on here and immediately think, "I need that too". I'm trying very hard to think things through before jumping on the bandwagon but it's a process for sure.

Marilyn - you and I sound much alike. Must be the Canadian in us
I have worked these issues through here on the forum more than once, that's for sure, and always find wisdom and good ideas here.

I’ve had that too, though in my case I think it relates to feelings I expect will magically align if I only get, have, do (fill in the blank) the perfect thing.
I get blindsided and think looking or feeling like what I imagine someone else is projecting with their outfit, will be magical for me too, it’s not. That’s one reason I really strive now to just wear what I like independent of what others like and to be more content with what I have rather than succumbing to the urge to chase the elusive thing inwardly or outwardly that manifests in shopping for something new all the time.

Opaline - exactly .

I think it is easy to admire others style and want the same items they do. I do it all the time!!

Being out of season puts a bit of a hand brake on though which can be a good thing.

In the past, I was thinking white booties with jewel tones or crisp white/pastels. This year I’m thinking white booties with earthier, natural colours... but now there’s a question of whether that goes with my style.

Lisa....Yes, I see a lot of similarities between us. We're dressing different body types but we lean the same way in terms of style, minimalism, neutrals, interesting details and such. We both also go off course occasionally then have an ah ha moment and get back on track. One day I think my wardrobe is fantastic....the next day I'm loosing my sh*t. Sound familiar.

Marilyn, I lose my sh*t over my wardrobe more than I care to admit. I'm in that mode right now , if you can't tell

A little late here, but I have several pairs of white shoes that work year round for me. I am fortunate in that I don't have to worry about weather conditions in the Fall/Winter. These are my favorites for F/W. Dressy and casual.

PS. Hubby HATES the white booties and I LOVE them, hahaha