This is going to sound like a silly question. I'm pretty sure it is a silly question. I've wanted white shoes for years now, but every time I get a pair, they seem impractical and I send them back. Now white ankle boots are on my radar, as Angie and others wear them so beautifully.

But I primarily wear black. Indeed, I almost always wear black. Sometimes I wear a statement jacket over a black dress or a column of black. In the cooler weather (most of the year), I wear black tights with most dresses. Is it possible for me to wear white footwear of any sort? I found the cutest pair of white chelsea boots with black goring and a small black heel, and in my head, I justify that the black accents will make them wearable with my clothing. And then I think that's just ridiculous; you cannot pair white boots with black tights.

So the question is whether it is possible to wear white boots (with black accents) with a black wardrobe. Will it just look ridiculous? I cannot even find any good examples from bloggers wearing white boots with almost all black.