I need to choose a pair of low/mid shaft, waterproof boots that will be suitable for about five miles of outdoor dog-walking every day throughout Seattle's rainy fall/winter/spring. I'm replacing a pair of fifteen-year-old LL Bean duck boots that have performed really, really well over the years. I know that the duck boots are not fashionable, but they work well, they've been really comfortable, and I have no qualms about putting that kind of mileage on them daily. The main reason I'm retiring the old duck boots is that they are low-tops and I never wear full length pants anymore. With this use in mind, which of the following finds do you think is more chic, and why? Do you think either pair will look OK with cropped or rolled skinnies and/or over skinnies with slouchy socks? Or maybe you are thinking, "No way!" and I should look to another option? All opinions are welcomed.

ETA: I ordered the EB boots first. I liked the sporty vibe and they seemed easier to clean, which is a big consideration if I ever use them at the dog park. However, the boots don't live up to the hype, IMO. Having read the reviews, I sized up. That was not necessary. I think I could have taken my regular size, or even a half size smaller. So, the boots are kind-of baggy because they are much too big. In addition, though, they are fabricated from light-weight materials. These would never be mistaken for LL Bean Duck Boots. The rubber of the upper is very thin and flexible in a way that suggests lack of durability. The same can be said of the suede upper. And then there's the bagginess--while these ARE too big on me, they are also cut very loose, I think, through the instep. They looked sloppy on my feet and I think that sizing down would NOT correct the fit. Sadly, they have to go back.