I would take the brown longer one, realizing you can’t take everything in your closet that you might choose when you’re home. I love the sharper fit and the color is really an excellent contrast, and matches the darker color in the skirt.

I LOVE utility jackets, safari jackets, even more than blazers. I have about 5 types in different colors and am always on the alert for something in that style but maybe more on the polished side- if they’re not too rough I wear them with pencil skirts to work.

Unfrumped, I love Utility jackets too. When I was working they would call me "Safari Jane". Mr. Style Fan drove a Jeep at the time.
I like the contrast of pretty with the utilitarian jacket. Thanks for your feedback.

They both look good so if I had to choose, I might take the longer one just because it seems a little more flexible.

You look amazing in all these pieces but I like the proportion of the shorter jacket with the skirt and even the pants, which are so great on you. Plus if it is boxy you can layer a sweater under it in those chilly temps!

I far prefer the fit and length of the longer jacket. I think it is more flattering with both outfits than the shorter jacket; it is longer but still looks sleek and fits better overall. I prefer the colour as well.

Thank you, Isabel.
Suz, that is a good point. I could try my sweater under it. Thank you.
Thank you, Echo.

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback!!! Hmmm. I am going to put my things in my suitcase and see if I can put both of the jackets in. Why not? We are going for 2 months.

I love both jackets, so if you can fit them in, that is the best solution. Otherwise, the smaller jacket looks good.

Thank you, Bijou! I think I might take both and not take something else.

I prefer the shorter one. So cute with the skirt. But both look really nice. I think I like the shorter one's colour a bit more.

Both jackets look great on you, but if you can only take one, I vote for the Soya. I think the color matches your swirly skirt better and when closed shows off your waist. Have a great time on your trip!

I think the shorter one is more fun and current. The second one is nice too, but if I had to choose I'd say the first. Just my humble opinion.

I think the both work well and you look good in both. Overall I prefer the longer one. Somehow the proportions seem better to my eye and I think the cut in more flattering. Love the skirt and Kamm pants BTW
Safe travels. Have a terrific time in FL.

It's hard to choose! I would take the one that goes with more just for the versatility but if you can do both that would be the best!

Thanks for all the great feedback!
Jenni, the shorter one is a nice olive green.
Thank you, Mainelady. The colour of the Soya one is a good match.
Jussie, thank you. The cropped look does seem more current.
Thank you, Lynn.
Thank you, Robin. I have been trying on both with my jeans. Now I need to pack.