I am sitting by a wood stove, dreaming of warm nights on my porch. Scratch that, I live in the desert and it's never warm after sunset. Warmer nights after hot days. Cleaned up and enjoying the stars with DH.

One request DH has made (and he makes few) is a dress rather like the one I've collected. As it cooled, I would probably wear it with one of 3 denim style jackets: acid green, violet or linen (the blue one is shown for the silhouette). So I've been pondering nude summer shoes/sandals to wear with this dress, white capris, linen pants. You know, summer stuff. I have some serviceable black slides as a fallback. I have some lime green sandals and some gear sandals. So something in the nude-to-me color seems like a good addition to the arsenal. I can't wear much of a heel at all these days.

I also really want to add a pair of coral/red summer shoes, but that would be a fashion disaster with the above items. But I don't want to get the same shoes in two colors. Which if any of these would you pick for the dress?