I have accumulated a pretty large wardrobe and one of the issues I am thinking about is how many clothes I have and that the more clothes I have, the less I can wear each one. Also I am thinking about which pieces I own still have the tags on and wondering whether I should keep or purge them since they haven't been worn yet. At first I thought I should return/consign everything that hasn't been worn, but on the other hand if I'm starting SYC maybe I should keep them since they will be like getting new clothes without buying anything new!

What's in your wardrobe that still has the tags on? Why haven't you worn them? What are you planning to do with these items? If you have worn everything, then what are the least worn items in your closet and why are they still taking up space?

Here are mine:
1. Evening/cocktail dresses--This is the main offender category.
I have several fab dresses that are too fancy for work and I have no occasion to wear them. On the other hand, it's probably good to have something ready to go if an occasion like a holiday party or fundraiser gala should arise (which happens a couple times a year). And also maybe I should try to go on more dates with DH and get dressed up more often! I have a red satin Suzi Chin, black and magenta floral Tahari satin halter dress, wine and black lace Sue Wong, black lace Bailey 44 and black ruffled Kate Spade wrap dress that have not had their IRL debut yet. I returned the blue J Crew dress but ended up buying another in poppy. I may try to ebay or consign the Kate Spade but I still like the others.
2. Jason Wu for Target--returned most of it, but still haven't worn most of the keepers yet--the navy fit and flare dress with beige and red stripes, red and mustard sleeveless shells, navy shorts, scarf and straw purse. Wore the navy floral dress and cat tee so far.
3. H&M coral/pastel tops. Was experimenting with different sorbet colored tops. I think I'm keeping the cantaloupe graphic tee and the raspberry cardigan but the rest is going to get returned.
4. Cropped denim jackets--I wore the faded denim one, but have the white AE and red Jolt one that I am going to try to wear now that it's spring.
5. TJ Maxx navy floral dress. Planning to wear ASAP with the white denim jacket, will be good for spring.
6. Trousers. I had a few pairs hemmed finally and am planning to wear them next week!
7. ASOS skirts. A couple of midi skirts (rust & black) that I was too late to return to ASOS. The main thing keeping me from wearing them is I'm too lazy to get out the steamer and dewrinkle them!
8. Old Navy cobalt jeans. Have worn the red one several times already but haven't worn the cobalt ones yet. I guess cobalt isn't my color!
9. INC turtlenecks. I bought them in several different colors on sale at Macy's and have worn the black one, but still have beige, grey, and purple to go. Kinda boring basics so that's why I haven't reached for them.
10. Peep toe wedges--fab emerald and blue pattern, bought on clearance at DSW. But the heels are too high to be practical. Will have to try them out at least once, but I think I'm realizing that I really shouldn't buy high heels. The work shoes that get the most wear for me are the mid-heel nude, red, brown and black pumps that I had even before YLF. And my MOTG shoes need to be flat.
11. Scarves. Another big offender category. I think I'm going to have to do a scarf week to get me in the mood to wear these, because it's just something that doesn't come naturally to me and it just seems to get in the way. Also my clothes are often patterned already so it makes it difficult to wear a scarf on top of that. For not being a scarf person, I seem to have accumulated way too many scarves!

Well, sorry to have been so long-winded, but that was a helpful! exercise for me! Even though I didn't really come up with much to purge, it does make me feel better about SYC since I still have some new things to look forward to wearing! Also it lets me see which categories I should really stop buying (evening dresses, scarves, high heels) since they are really not getting worn much.

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