Generally I prefer to carry the smallest, lightest bag for every day. I haven't done well with nylon bags lately, but I do have a useful leather one.

After going to the clinic Friday and almost spilling the contents of my bag, I decided the pandemic warranted a larger one. New bigger masks, a second mask, glasses, and still carry disposable gloves in case, plus all my other in case items. I do feel some anxiety these days and want to be prepared for anything.

In luck, Michael Kors bags on sale at Macy's. Generally I like this brand's bags.

I picked the first one, then spotted the second snakeskin. Oh my. I don't have a lot of patterned clothes, and I do like animal prints. Neutral or a stronger pattern? I can't believe the snakeskin would clash. Help me decide before the sale is over! (Are Macy's sales ever really over?)