I've done a lot of shopping at Nordstrom, Anthropologie and gotten some Kate Spade sale items too but all of those tend to be on the expensive side. So I'm wondering which is the best discount fashion store to go to and whether it's high yield enough in terms of finding up to date good quality fashionable clothing to justify the time to go there. I've bought quite a bit from Gap and H&M and have been pretty happy with those items (although others have said that the quality can be hit or miss). I went to Zara and to a local consignment store as well, but ended up empty-handed at those places. MaryK and I went to Loehmann's which is a place I'd love to try again when I have more time to browse. And I really want to try Nordstrom Rack next time I have time to go into the city to shop.

Part of the problem is I have little time to shop, so I tend to want to go to stores that I know are likely to have the specific item I need (as opposed to just going to the store to browse for unexpected finds). I like shopping online, then going in with a list of things to try, which is why Nordstrom & Anthro work well for me. And I like their generous return policies (esp Nordstrom). The discount stores seem like they might be more of a treasure hunt or crapshoot, which is fun if you're in the mood but not if you need something in particular (like say, the red jeans I'm currently searching for). I don't want to spend more than I need to though either. Thoughts? Just wondering if any of you go to these discount stores and if any of these should also be on my list to try?

JC Penney
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