Recently, Angie outlined five elements that she sees as key to the look of 2014.

On that list: High-low style, mixing classics with trends, just enough structure, "hip to be square" (quasi-frumpy looks -- norm core?), and my personal challenge, irregular outfit juxtaposition.

Angie also mentioned that to look stylish you do not have to embrace all or any of these trends -- it's perfectly okay to wear well fitting tailored seasonal conventionally flattering clothes that "go" together.

However, I feel a personal yen to do more irregular outfit juxtaposition. And it's the one I have the toughest time with.

Oh, certainly -- I'll combine a classic jacket with denim bottoms. That's easy/ peasy and part of my style signature. (Or would be, if I could find a classic jacket that fit me.)

I'll also happily wear a denim jacket with a dress. Another slam dunk.

But these are so common that they hardly count as "irregular" any more.

Others I've tried and felt okay in: Cons with a tube skirt. A dressy top with jeans (or a dressy skirt with a button up shirt).

But I have to confess, most other irregular outfit juxtapositions that I try just feel....wrong on me. With my pet peeve for seasonal confusion (not to mention my extreme seasons), I really can't take that route with a whole lot of comfort. And some of the other options just feel...costume-y. On me, I mean. Or perhaps they are too maximal?

I would love suggestions for other irregular outfit juxtapositions I might be able to work into my style.

And I'd also love to hear from you! Which aspect of "2014" style feels most challenging to you, and why?