Wait, I was a taker for the 90s, too! (After the 20s, of course. And yes, I have seen the Great Gatsby -- in fact we own it!).

Harmonica is in good company them. I leave ALL of '90s fashion - apart from the plaid shirts and Docs - to the both of you.

Rock and roll style. Pretty much peaked in the 70s. Not so much the hippie style, although there was overlap. This style uses classic pieces like jackets, suits, striped mariner sweaters. white shirts, jeans and moto jackets. But everything is styled in a RATE and subversive way.

1 -- Robbie Robertson of The Band.
2 -- David Bowie
3 -- Patty Smith
4 -- Bob Dylan
5 -- Keith Richards
6 -- The Velvet Underground
7 -- Francoise Hardy and Bob Dylan
8 -- Jack White, modern rocker whose style is in this tradition
9 -- Kate Moss, another whose style is informed by this era

ETA -- Angie check out Jack White's vintage Fender Strat!

YAY. More '70s pics. I LOVE IT, Denise. The '70s were AMAZING. (A few fun ones from American Hustle).

Cocolion, I love every one of those pics you posted. When I thought about the 70s, I forgot about the rock and roll style. Très cool.

Angie, I wore Docs too, through the late 80s and into the early 90s. I still like the look but I've sort of moved on.

Do you not like loose pants with cargo pockets? I think of those as very 90s, and love them, as long as they're not too sloppy.

And some from the '60s because I love Twiggy, Audrey, apple green, dogs and white:

Ohhhhh Twiggy with puppies! I'm melting.

Well, I'm sorry, but you can't talk about fabulous 70s fashion without mentioning my personal crush, the iconic Jane Birkin!

Just page through this MarieClaire link and try to convince me that every single one of Jane's outfits from back then doesn't look as fabulous (and wearable!) today as it did in her 70s heyday:

No wonder her Hermes Birkin bag is still as covetable today as when it was designed over 40 years ago. Talk about timeless style!

I beg your pardon. You are dead right, Gaylene:

Can you help me understand the key differences between the 30's and 40's?

Loving the 2015 fashions and the hybridity involved--there's something for everyone, and it's a time that is particularly friendly for those with disability/movement/pain limitations, and those who don't like to flash a lot of skin (no offense to Ms. Adams).
I do wish that th
e average bloke were a bit more glam, though. I don't think a button-down shirt, jeans and Converse sneakers constitutes "dressed-up," although a lot of men in academia see to think so. And hats! And tipping hats! There was something classy about it.
From Karl R
eMarks: "You know those 'Afghanistan in 1960-Afghanistan in 2010' pictures? I give you USA in 1955 - USA in 2015"

I'm a little late to the party but wanted to chime in.

I have 3 favorites-

40's for Katherine Hepburn's style

50's for Audrey Hepburn's style

60's for Audrey (again) and of course Jacqueline Kennedy.

I agree, more hats and headwear!! I really thought that the Duchess Catherine's star power might have had more influence on western fashion (after all, we now have Topshop and Boots No7 here!) but doesn't seem that way yet.

I guess I can see how typing my member name isn't easy for anyone but me lol... I've gotten used to it because it was a password for things a while back. I'll look into changing it

I'm late chiming in too. My favorite eras:

  1. Late 50's beatniks era to 60's mod and streamlined clothing. Still love this look.
  2. 80's - new wave, goth, romantic, black.
  3. 30's and 40's - longer dresses and strong shoulder (pads).
  4. 50's - want those pointy bras
  5. 20's - flapper dresses and hats and makeup.

This current season, 2015, is my favorite. I have the confidence to wear what I would never have had courage to wear at any other time. (At my age, I finally know that no one really cares about what I am wearing except perhaps my husband!)

I am loving fluid rather than form fitting. At my age it is such a treat. I also have more time and income to consider my options. Thanks for being part of this fun journey, Angie!