Currently I'm obsessed with the '50's. I am watching Call the Midwife with my hubby and I just adore the full skirts, the colors and patterns, the prim cardigans, as well as Trixie's style with her trim slacks and heels, tops with fantastic collars, and scarf collection. I love the hairstyles too. I'm also very appreciative of our own era, as others have said, because we have so many choices, and well, less strictures to deal with.

I have no knowledge about fashion eras, so I am following this thread with great interest :-). But I think I like where I am now, because I like everything I am seeing in the stores

Caro said it brilliantly!

And for a quick overview, I loved this video:

this will sound a little odd but there are 2 rather contradictory styles/eras that I really love. Some way they both have a strong appeal to me in both appearance and personality despite been so different.

First one is 40's Noir Style - tailored suits and shirts, sensual dresses, manly loose trousers in a twisted soft fabric with heels ; noir women had dangerous curves with capable minds behind those smooth polished look of theirs and I love their bold, strong, defying sort of femininity.

Second is 70's hippie style - flare pants, dated jeans, long flared skirts and dresses, scarves and shawls, fringes, gypsy, folk, indigenous, ethnic, flowery, colorful. It looks rustic, soft, light, unusual, happy, spontaneous. I really love it's "lets mix everyone and everything together and just love them all" kind of vibe.

Besides those two there are lots of specific items/ideas that I like in each era even if I'm not crazy about those other eras as a whole

I am going to say the 1920's and the 1960's. Both eras did away with restrictive undergarments. The freedom and fight that was present for woman's rights.

I adore the eighteenth century, and always feel that the gowns of that period showed off the feminine figure with particular grace: the decolletee necklines with filmy neckerchiefs, elbow-length sleeves with lace, corseted waists, aprons, and full skirts. I've often wished that I could live in colonial Williamsburg and wear that garb every day--honest!

Edwardian clothes (I guess I have a thing about sheer muslin) are probably my second favorite, and the way they transitioned into the wonderful straight shapes of the '20s fascinates me. In graduate school I spent a Summer studying Paleography in Oxford. At the end of our term, there was a gala garden party and dinner. I wore a long antique Edwardian dress of (you guessed it) white muslin with a high frilled neck, pin tucks, tiny waist, elbow-length sleeves. My professor, when we met in the garden, said, "I say, I have a photograph of my mother in a dress like that! You can see why men made such fools of themselves over women in those days."

Thanks for this Angie -I've loved reading all the responses. I also forgot Giorgio Armani - he is establishment now but I love how he de-constructed mens clothes for women
Great video Gaylene
deb that's a very interesting point about politics informing fashion.
If we are going way back then I want to be a Dandy as interpreted by Leslie Howard in "The Scarlet Pimpernell".

I think my favourite eras are the 20's and 60's. also like the glam fashions from the 70's like you Angie. I also have a soft spot for when Christian Dior started the New Look as I love all the fab tailoring and feminine silhouettes.

The '40s, the '70s and right now.

Art Nouveau / Edwardian - love, love, love these styles of clothes & jewelry - or modern clothes & jewelry with touches of these styles.

I'm in there with Marina - I love the 40s and the 70s most.
40s, because Katherine Hepburn is a style icon I go back to over and over again - those trousers! The athleticism!
70s, because I love the bohohmeian bent that was going on smashed up against the hard edges of the burgeoning punk scene - the late-hippie vibe of global adoption "I embrace indigenous cultures and diversity," but also the "IDGAF OI, smash constructs of beauty and make something new!" of punk.
An example of how these all influence? I love a flowing wide-leg pant in a tweed (40s), paired with a lace blouse with bell sleeves (70s boho), a leather choker-collar and spikes (70s punk) combined with a string of pearls (40s again), all topped over with my motorcycle jacket (punk). For shoes, a high chunky heel with a t-strap (40s).

Many of my favourite outfits tend to combine these sorts of elements: 70s high-waisted flares with a 40s-style fitted jacket top and a men's brogue, boho peasant skirts with a tee imprinted with handcuffs or brass knuckles paired with combat boots, Doc Martens and an indonesian scarf. I love the contrast! ^__^

I love the 20s for the daring new looks, scandalous exposure of ankles and those shocking new-fangled bobbed hairstyles.

Then the 60's, because that was my era. Mod styles, Vidal Sassoon haircuts, miniskirts, chunky heels and psychedelic prints.

Present day, because of the abundance of choice.

The 40s. As horrific as WWII was, I have a fascination with the era and often go back to reading historical fiction set in the era. Utilitarian chic.

I loved the full skirts and intricate blouses of the 50's but not on my body. It was great to see Twiggy become a fashion ideal in the 60's and my flat chest worked with those mod dresses. Also the mini skirts showed my best assets.
My favorite time is now with so many choices. I just wish people in general didn't dress so casually. I kind of miss the times when women did not wear pants but would not want a laundry pile of full skirts and sundresses to iron.

WOW. It's most unexpected to hear how many of you have chosen the '20s as a favourite. I hope you've seen The Great Gatsby.

Far fewer have chosen the '50s as a fave - another surprise. I'm glad to hear the support for the '70s and '80s though, as those decades often get a beating - and they were soooo killer to my eye.

Also little support for the '90s. Fascinating.

Caro, how glam, elegant and dramatic. I loved that video. And Duran Duran also had a Baroque phase in the very early '80s. The new wave Dandy.

Gaylene, GREAT video. I with it had more years on it.

There are several eras that fascinate me:

The period from about 1890-1910, when corsets were still worn and the silhouette was very ladylike and proper (#1). I absolutely love Victorian style.

1930s for the long, slim lines and the day dresses in particular (# 2-5) And the glamour, where it could be afforded, was gorgeous.

1940s for the introduction of a bit more structure, the gorgeous skirt suits, and THE HAIR - and the introduction of rockabilly style (# 6-10)

I love the 1910s and 20s. Would love to have worn Poiret silhouettes and draped myself in Fortuny velvets. An Edwardian walking suit, a Delphos dress and an opera cape -- those are my ideal garments.

I also have a soft spot for some 60s details: T-strap flats in shiny bright colors, exaggerated collars and cuffs, corduroy anything. And a few "before the 60s were the 60s" looks: madras wrap skirts, stitched-down pleats, shift dresses, olive with pale blue.

Nothing from the 30s, because you needed to be a slender reed for all those bias-cut dresses and little suits à la Wallis Simpson. Nothing from the 40s and 50s, because you needed a waist then. Although some sculptural 50s looks -- swing coats with huge cuffs and sweeping collars, anything by Balenciaga -- are awfully appealing.

I admit I don't get the retro appeal of the 70s at all. To me they meant unflattering earth tones (rust, chocolate, camel and beige were supposed to suit everyone), too-short bellbottoms and itchy pantyhose. As for the rest of the decades, I'm eternally grateful that stretch fabrics and discreetly elasticized waists were invented.

Without a doubt, the 40's is my favorite era. All those beautiful big shoulders, slim pencil skirt suits with high heels and fabulous hats...and gloves!

I agree with summer about the 60s and the 20s, for basically the same reasons she mentions.
Also, the the A-line minis, patterned hose and block-heeled Roger Vivier pilgrim pumps were just the thing for a long-legged teenager striving to look "kicky" in a high school where everything was about plain, heathered woolen skirts and matching sweaters with circle pins and Bass Weejuns (penny loafers, always without the pennies omitted). I still adore the Mary Quant/Courreges/Paraphernalia mod look -- clean, geometric structure, stark white/color contrast and also colored velvet riding jackets with frilly white blouses and high boots.
The 20s are a favorite mostly because I'd love to look like the actress who plays Miss Phryne Fisher

The Sixties! The Mod Era and The Hippie Era. I loved everything about that era.

I love all fashion so all the other eras are great after the sixties.

If I had to choose just one? I'd say the '60s. All the bold graphic patterns and pop art. I adore it. Plus the shapes were slim on the hips and suited to my body shape. But if I could choose more than one? Every one of them from the '20s to the present. There is always something gorgeous to wear. Always. Even the '50s, with the pinched waists that work so poorly on me had the lovely sweaters. (And you know that I'm right there with you on the '80s, Angie. Pointy toes. Long pencils and trumpet skirts. Oversized, soft tops. The joy of everyday clothing bordering on costume. Those suits! What fun!)

I loved reading everyone's replies! If I had to narrow it down, I'd start with the 18th century I suppose (high five to Tulle! Have you seen Outlander? Lots of great costumes), with all of its fabulous layering and fitted bodice/full skirt shape, giving a woman some armour as it were, give a happy nod to mid Victorian fashions, cut a rug with the flappers, and stay right through the 30s into the 40s/early 50s, with the Golden Age of Hollywood and all of those glamorous actresses. Audrey Hepburnm's transformation in Sabrina always takes my breath away, and then there's the smart suits in His Girl Friday or Casablanca. And I love the costuming in the current Poirot and Miss Marple shows, although who knows how authentic it is. Some 50s style can be a bit twee for me, but it's difficult for me to resist a full skirt in any iteration!

I'm not so fond of mod styles, or the Mad Men era, and I'm not well enough acquainted with the sartorial 70s and 80s to have much of an opinion.

And I agree with many posters here in lamenting our current lack of hats/other headgear. I'd love for that to come back into style!

I can find something to love in most eras. I enjoyed Caro's rundown, because she summed up more or less what I like most about 20th century fashion. I reserve a special love for two decades in particular:

1940's: This is where androgynous s dressing really gets going. The War pushed many women into the workforce and we started wearing trousers. It shows up in the femme fatale look of Lauren Bacall, the gender bending of Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn. And I have a very deep appreciation for the dresses. I've worked with a few 1940's dress patterns and they are always gorgeous. They have a timeless sensuality which works beautifully.

1980's: The era which cemented my style awareness and I fell in love with Japanese fashion. I can't say much more that Angie's already said, but I find myself referencing my '80's youth more and more as I get older.

I love the 90's for the casual, rate and careless attitude!

Also attracted to the «Mad men style» with waist definition, fit & flare dresses and pencil skirts.

The 80s is fun because of the excess and colours.

I have sentimental reasons for liking the 70s, and the 90s fashion were inspired by the 70s (flared and bootcut jeans, flannel, cropped tops etc)

Very hard to choose one decade! I loved reading the comments. Every era has its good and not so good thing. I think I'm least attracted to the 20's, actually. Today's fashion is a blast, though. Also with street fashion that are just as inspiring as the big designer fashion shows.

i didn't post earlier because i wanted to think about this. i guess i like many elements of all post 1920's fashion… the freedom that the sportswear revolution that the 20's brought, as well as the 1940's. not as much a fan of the 1950's pointed bra's, but love the midi full skirts, i'm a huge fan of the loosening of the fashion rules of the 60's (hats and gloves be gone!). and the growing acceptance of women wearing pants that the 70s brought, as well as the emergence of jeans as fashion, the 80s for the fusion of fashion, music and politics, the 90s for the relaxing of work wear, and today for the variety of fashion available at all levels of retail.

You know I love the 80's but there are so many great fashion era's. I do love that these days we have so many choices and can express ourselves in items that make us feel unique and happy,

There are things that I Iike about all the eras, but I think that some of my favorites are the 1920s for the massive shift in women's fashion to a shorter and freer style with the loose garments, the dropped waist, the metallics, the cloche hats, fun headbands and of course the fringe. For the 1930s, I liked the sinewy Hollywood glam of long satin gowns and the soft dramatic palazzo pants, including the striped ones. For the early 1960s, love the mod quite architectural style, the shifts, the neon colors. For the 1970's, not the Halston studio 54 style, but the boho style, with earth colors, natural fabrics, flares, ponchos, maxis and again - the fringe.

So this is all bleeding over from another thread, but we were talking somewhere else about how the era we grew up in influences our style. Since I'm about the same age as Angie, like her I'm a huge fan of '80's fashion.

I think it comes very naturally to reference your first fashion influences in your style. It's also reflected in the fashion cycle. For instance, many of the most influential designers working today are of around our age. There's a huge 80's influence in Nicholas Ghesquiere's work at Balenciaga, and Phoebe Philo is clearly riffing on '80's-'90's minimalism. And don't even get me started on Hedi Slimane! Then of course you see the likes of Christopher Kane and JW Anderson coming up now and they're far more influenced by the '90's.

In retrospect (and I didn't appreciate it at the time) the '80's is a fantastic era because it's the moment that an international avant-garde emerges and challenges the dominance Paris and Milan. It's also when American sportswear as pioneered by Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein comes into its own. So, hugely important in contemporary fashion.

Oh, yes. Can we have hats back?

Fascinating, ladies. Thanks for your fab thoughts and input. Again, I'm really surprised to read the great support for the '20s. It's not a decade that I love - but one that I like. I don't love anything before the early '60s actually, but I can appreciate the looks because there is fab in every fashion era.

Diana, AJ, Jaime, E and AJ are our Queen Hats. Lets see more head gear this year.

Okay. We have a taker for the '90s. Good for you, Harmonica.

Wow, approprio. I feel I've found my '80s Kindred Spirit. The era cemented my love for style right along with you - and you are SO right about designers our age bringing back the best of the '80s over and over again. It's been thrilling for me to see the looks come down the runways over the past 5 years. (Going back a further 10 years with the revamp of skinnies).

tr3kkie9rl, (perhaps we can come up with a better YLF name for you?), those pics are gorgeous and effectively capture the mood of the '40s many referenced here. It's not unlike the '80s actually - look at those shoulder pads and inverted triangular silhouettes.