I have to chime in and say Inge rocks! We already knew that, but still...

Inge, you are incredible! I woke to this abundance of riches... I was just at my own H&M yesterday and saw none of these lovelies. I am off to check out your many Finds!

Janet and others, I'm glad I'm not alone in my love of more unusual patterns. We should make a pact to share all such finds with each other - someday our prints will come! (Haha)

Oh I also wanted to add that I found some Nicole Miller prints I like too...

That's so sweet of you, Linda!!-)
Have fun browsing, Una!-) And yes, Nicole Miller is a good one too.

I find it hard to find patterns that I like that are winter clothes as well. It seems like there is a lot more for spring/summer!

Those paisley jeans are amazing. If I had lovely slim legs, I'd be all over those.

I feel your pattern pain. Have you looked at Paul Smith? Might be a bit expensive, though.